New Star Wars film has its villain

Adam Driver, who plays Hannah’s boyfriend Adam on HBO’s “Girls” and was also in the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, has been cast as the main villain in the new Star Wars film.
Personally, I’m a huge fan of this guy’s acting and think he’s the best part of “Girls” so I’m excited to see what he can bring to this role. Apparently he beat out Hugo Weaving and Michael Fassbender for the part.

This guy’s star is quickly on the rise as he also has a big role in Scorsese’s upcoming dream project, Silence.

Don’t know the guy, but he certainly has an interesting face.

Could be his big break. After all, I’m sure many people aren’t expecting much after Episodes I, II, and III shat on the franchise. So it could be a huge jumpstart for him if the movie’s successful.

Of course, he could also fade into obscurity if the film bombs.

Apparently he got the part after telling them, “You don’t need to see my qualifications.”

The casting company was later quoted, “We don’t need to see his qualifications.”

This casting reminds me of the Lex Luthor announcement. He’s a good actor and maybe he can pull it off but I just don’t see the menace and danger the roll requires.

How about Ray Park? Does he look menacing?

We’ll see how Driver turns out. I admit that I find him an intriguing actor, so this seems like an interesting choice to me.

You must not watch Girls. His character is a good guy for the most part but very intense, and sometimes scarily so.

Here’s a good example of his workon the show.

If we learned nothing else from the prequels, it’s that the best actors in the world can’t save a horrible script with horrible direction. We’ll see what they give him to work with.

Does anyone even know what the character is yet? “Villain” isn’t exactly saying much since the villain in Episode I was… I don’t even know, capitalism or whatever.

With the rumors flying around that these movies will focus on the Solo’s twin children, I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays a twin that turns to the dark side.

What’s he going to be, Darth Emo? She told him to come out of the street. Serves him right.

Evil Sith used taxes to manipulate capitalists to get beligerent. Starting with Naboo.

Darth Maul?

I actually do watch and enjoy Girls and I like his work but I still don’t see it. Unless he is more of the smarmy, conniving villain which could work.