NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 1)

I’m sure this will end up being antifa.

In his new anti-“critical race theory” bill, a Virginia state Delegate included that students would be instructed about the Lincoln Douglas debates between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

Two idiots from the Wall Street Journal decided that Hillary is going to run again in 2024, so Fox has spent hours talking about it.

Or one of those damn teacher’s unions.

Hillary should absolutely let them think this is true until the last minute. Maybe AOC can announce too.

Fox might be so busy, they’ll leave Biden alone for awhile.

They do love their Two-Minute Hate of Clinton.

Wow- that’s really dumb! Everyone knows that Frederick Douglass is standing by to debate trumpy when he runs again!

Candace Owens is going with the “Bob Saget died from getting a vaccination” trope.

The “moderate Republican” image that helped sell Virginians on Youngkin (and his new Administration) actually worked to install a fairly extremist right-wing agenda. We will be seeing more and more of this unless Democrats find a way to communicate the truth behind the ‘moderate’ image.

A new bill from [need I say it?] Florida proposes teachers be miked up while at school so parents can listen to the lessons being taught their children.


ETA: apologies if someone else has posted this. I didn’t see any link to this story.

Totally paywalled.

Oops. Try this one.

That link works. What a strange idea.

Remember back when Individual 1 floated the idea of buying Greenland? The idea came from Tom Cotton, who got the idea from Russians pretending to be from the Greenland foreign minster’s office. Since Greenland belongs to Denmark, I don’t think they even have a foreign minister.

Well, they have something like it, the chairman of the landsstyre, Múte Inequnaaluk Bourup Egede, is also chairman of the department of foreign affairs. I don’t think he could sell Greenland without consulting with the Danish government and without a referendum, in Greenland and in Denmark.

I’m hoping he undergoes surgery for ulcerative dyspepsia and the entire team licks the incision.

All they have to do is spit a little. No need for them to come in contact with whatever HE’S carrying.

…and yet, Trumpers still won’t believe how easy it is to influence Trump.

At this point, there’s probably a Russian agent deliberately doing a really bad Boris Badenov accent while pretending to be from England hanging around Trump, just to see exactly how much they can get away with, for shits and giggles.

Way to disincentivize people from applying to medical school. Is there a glut of doctors in your neck of the woods?

Heck, I’m surprised by how easy it was to influence Tom Cotton.

I mean, he’s supposed to be the smart authoritarian fascist…