NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 2)

Maybe the 24th is the ids of September?

Yes, but the ides of the 24th is noon.

My anniversary? What are you trying to tell me?

Huh, now I get it.

This is IDES.

ARRRRGGGHHHH! I warned about mental consequences and still the posts flowed in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Back to real GQP stupid:

Our T-backed MAGA Mascot beat a republican who voted to impeach the Conman. So we get this inspiring shit load of a candidate. Not just John here, but the Reich-wing looney bin has also latched onto repeal the 19th amendment and other women’s rights.

Tempting as it may be to dismiss Gibbs’ writings as the ravings of a lone lunatic, opposition to women’s suffrage is an increasingly popular talking point on the right. Ann Coulter has championed repealing it for years. Popular podcaster Greg Medford claimed women’s suffrage was responsible for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (???) back in February. As recently as earlier this month, Rep. Lauren Boebart (R-CO) appeared confused about what the 19th amendment is at a debate."

He even broke into the Onion’s sphere of influence:

I guess he’d be OK with us not allowing black people to vote even if they are a large part of the population? It never fails to amaze me when people support the very ideas that would oppress them personally. These MAGAts that want to go back to the 15th century are invariably people that would not be doing well if society did, indeed, revert to the norms of those times.

He also doesn’t appear to understand the definition of “totalitarian state”. :roll_eyes:

“I’ve got mine-fuck you” Transends all social and racial borders.

Agreed, but much of the time that attitude manifests in making it harder for others coming after you, not in reversing your own gains as well as theirs. Does Ann Coulter think if women’s suffrage were repealed they’d make a special exception for her? No women except Ann can vote? Or would she be happy to admit she does not deserve the same rights as a man? She wouldn’t have hers if the things she advocates for actually came to pass. Is she that stupid?

Seeing as how many of these people have shown they would not mind at all living in a fascist society as long as they could have their economic status and “Jesus Guns Babies”, yes, loss of voting rights does not bother them.

Because you see, the righteous White Man would never reduce Righteous White Woman Ann to chattel, right?

Remember, in a way, part of their Faith is looking forward to an eternal life in the ultimate Absolute Monarchy where everyone is happily in his/her place and fixed there forever.

While the flippant answer is easy, I really do wonder about this. There’s just so much of this this year.

Stupid? Not at all.

Coulter knows the 19th Amendment isn’t going to get repealed, but if she makes this kind of noise she gets plenty of cred with her fans. They get the useful idiot they want, she gets the attention she wants, and noboby has to lose any rights. Win-win!

It’s not necessarily stupid. If you really believe that women voting has damaged the country, then giving up your vote to remove the votes of all women could be a net plus. How many liberals would give up their right to vote if it meant that a hundred Trump voters lose theirs, as well?

And just for the record, I’m not advocating for either of those.

The real point of all of this is that people who vote Democrat shouldn’t be allowed to vote. That currently includes felons, people without drivers licenses, people who vote by mail, recent immigrants, and people who live in densely populated areas. So sure they don’t want women to vote. And I suspect a number of conservative women would be willing to give up their personal right to vote if it meant that the candidate they support won (ETA: i.e. what Robot_Arm said). However as others have said it is very unlikely that the 19th amendment will be repealed. So more likely they will just cut to the chase and eliminate democracy altogether.

Michigan GOP Congressional candidate, John Gibbs?
Hmm, does he think he’ll get special treatment once he’s in the House and not just out in the field?

The Republican candidate for Governor of Michigan is campaigning by making jokes about the kidnapping plot against the Governor.

Arizona Judge Rules That Abortion Ban From 1901 Can Take Effect. RepubliQuans rejoice as state moves 120+ years back in time to before Arizona even was a state.

A court has ordered Rudy Giuliani to pay over over $225,000 to his ex wife or go to jail.

As a birthday gift to my brother last year, I sent him a personalized Cameo message from RG.

Wow I gotta get crackin’ here…who to contact…who to contact (so many)!

Will need many, for many, many RG Cameos.

Matt Gaetz joined Twitch for a chat about his lie about 1/6, The Squad, and all kinds of other conspiracy theories. People flooded his feed with dick pics and attacks.

“Donald? It’s me, Rudy. Listen, I really really need you to pay up on those legal bills… hello? hello??