New timewasting fun!; Church Sign Generator.

Meet the new pastor
Meet another new pastor
carreer councelling
Today’s Sermon…
Conversions go high-tech
Watch out, Bender!
Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!
Holy Zombie Jesus!

Putting my Digital Media degree to good use.

Prairie Home Companion style

Old time religion

I am so going to Purgatory for this

I sent one to one of my favourite singer/songwriters, and lo and behold…it ended up on the next shirt she sold on a concert tour. Ohh, yeahhh…!!! I’m the king of the CSG!!! I need to get a pic up of me wearing the shirt! Maybe tomorrow!


God’s favourite catchphrase…


This is Kent Brockman

Biblical financial planning
Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

I hear the marching band!

Church of Brian

Church of Marvin

Church of Elphaba

My kind of church!

Continuing the theme…

This is too much fun, I gotta stop! I didn’t post the really awful ones… you may thank me at your leisure… :wink:

Richard Dawkins

My first attempt.

Hey, it was poker night with Vishnu and the guys, OK?

Child neglect shock!

And my 2nd…

Ok, Ok…my last one for the day.

My efforts


God has something to say to Humanity

A classic

Flames and Sulfur, here I come!

Welcome to Hell.

Straight Dope, party of one million! Your table is ready!

It is in non-smoking, correct?