New timewasting fun!; Church Sign Generator.

Now this is very addictive. Create your own church sign! Here are my efforts (second one stolen shamelessly from The Simpsons).

Bear in mind, you have to save the picture somewhere else; you can’t link to it from the actual site. - just in case anyone wants to actually go there.

Here’s one of mine.

:smack: Trust me to actually forget to link to the site.

I apologize in advance.

Here are my contributions.

My apologies.


I will never, ever get tired of this joke.

Cool. When I found that sight a couple years back they only had the one type of sign. They seem to have expanded. :slight_smile:

A few of mine:

God’s sponsor
Mmmm. Christ.
Mmmm. God.
Worship, yo.

I’m going to torment my friend withthis one (it’s one of our recurrent memes.)

My Dad reads the Bible every day.

Sorry, Dad.

Oh, how lovely. Yet ANOTHER reason I’ll be going to hell.

I am way too bored.
Even I don’t think this one’s funny.

I can’t get a link to my pic, but it said:

Hehe: Hell



Not funny.
Not funny.
Not funny. Not funny.

I couldn’t make up one as strange a one in my neighborhood at Christmas time. It said:
“Our gift is wrapped in flesh.” :confused: :eek: :dubious:

Old but still funny

Somebody mention Pentecostals?

Ummm… picu… just ewwww!!! That would be hard to top. Of course that won’t keep me from trying. :smiley:

Sign! Sign! Everywhere a sign!