New TV show The League

Anyone else watching this? Between the pretty generic name, and its presence on cable (FX), this show almost flew over my radar, as I’m sure it is with many other people. I finally discovered it when I saw a blurb in Entertainment Weekly which described it as a cross between Sunny in Philadelphia and Jackass. I downloaded and watched the first 2 eps so far (they’re up to 6) and it definitely fits that description. The basic plot is about a group of friends in a Fantasy Football league, but it’s mainly just a mold for a show about a group of 30ish guys hanging out and riffing on each other - sort of like Entourage without the fame.

Anyway, just wanted to give my fellow dopers a heads up to check it out.

I’ve been watching it. Thank God for DVR as I often forget it’s on only to see it in my recorded shows later.

One thing I don’t get or missed: What’s the deal with Shiva? That they would name their trophy after her. I get that they went to HS with her, but was she universally loved or hated?

I watched one episode, where they went to the spa. I didn’t like it, probably won’t watch again. Sunny in Philadelphia is one of my top three favorite shows ever, so I thought I’d like The League… Strange.

I liked it. I definitely liked it better than the last comedy to run after Sunny, Testees, which I found rather nauseating. I miss the one with the eating disorder folks, can’t remember the title now. :frowning:

I got the feeling Shiva was not the hottest girl in their high school class (after all, she wore GLASSES!), but the hottest/most interesting girl who no one could get a date with (I presume she was a super-serious student, maybe she had real strict parents?).