New Vanilla Coke & Berry Pepsi Where to get it

I’m enjoying a vanilla coke right now.

It’s coke-y, it’s vanilla-y.

S’alright :slight_smile:

I found Vanilla Coke on campus here in Orange County (Southern California) a coupla days ago. Nothing to write home about, really, tastes like cream soda with a splash of Coke.

Vanilla Coke, really? I’ll have to look for that…my mom laments the passing of the soda counter at wollworths and their fantastic vanilla cokes. If I can find some, I think she’ll be thrilled. Thanks!

Vanilla Coke has landed in the Metro DC area as well. Bought a bottle at the local 7-Eleven last night.

Very cream-soda-ish, I thought. Tasty, though. My next experiment will be to see how it tastes with rum. I have high hopes.

I got a Vanilla Coke in a gas station somewhere in eastern-central PA. I’d never heard of there being a pre-made version, and the bottle looked a tiny bit, well, off, so at first I thought it might have been some sort of unauthorized Coca-Cola “mod”, heh. Very tasty, though. It’s hard to get the ratio of vanilla to Coke right, but the Coca-Cola company seems to have done a good job.

I’m in a MD suburb of DC as well, though round the Beltway from you, WSLer. The Safeway closest to me (West Hyattsville) had single bottles of the new Vanilla Coke so I picked one up this AM. I’m liking it alot, although I think it would probably taste best in a glass with ice. :slight_smile: Didn’t taste like cream soda to me, though.

JMHO and good luck finding some!


Found some in Chicago today. Though I still maintain that the Coke here tastes funny, vanilla or no (I just moved here in September, and for some reason it tastes slightly different in Michigan) I like it.

Don’t bother with lemon Coke, though (or diet Coke – I’ve only ever seen it in diet form). It’s nasty.

I love vanilla fountain coke; haven’t tried the premix yet. The lemon pepsi is pretty good.

Once in England I saw strawberry pepsi, but never got around to trying it.

Does anyone have any information on whether Diet Vanilla Coke will ever be available? If that’s true, there really must be a god. Presumably, of course, that it isn’t unspeakably foul like Diet Coke w/ Lemon or Diet Pepsi Twist.

I found Vanilla Coke 20 oz. bottles at a Walgreens here in Florida. I was disappointed. It tastes like Coke with a little cream soda mixed in. It’s not bad, but I think I’d rather just have the cream soda. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again.

Why is vanilla in red?

I’m not sure if this is the answer you are looking for, but if you searched for the word “vanilla” (and considering your name, it looks likely), every time the word “vanilla” appears in a thread you open from the search, it will be in red.