New Vanilla Coke & Berry Pepsi Where to get it

Supposedly they have both been released nationwide, but I haven’t been able to find any in my area, which is currently Gaithersburg, MD, just North of washington DC? Any Dopers from the DC area know where I could get my hands on some.

Also, I’m going to be going back up to Maine this week so are there any Dopers in Maine who know where I could get some. In Maine, I’m living in Bath.


Oh yeah, I’m not looking to buy cases of the stuff, just a six-pack or so to see if I can actually stomach the stuff.

Same question. Different place. Anyone seen Vanilla Coke in NYC?

I’m not in your area, but Kroger’s and a few party stores around the Detroit area had Vanilla Coke last week. It was only available as a single 20oz (as in, you can’t buy a six-pack, you could only buy one bottle). Call some of your supermarkets and ask if they have it, or if they don’t have it if they could get it in soon.

I’m still waiting on the Berry Pepsi though.

Vanilla coke is available in just about every convenience store here in Florida since last week. Only in 20 oz. size though. It is incredibly good.

A story I heard on NPR said that the Pepsi drink will not be released until later this summer though. Thats all I have heard so far.

Domino’s had Vanilla Coke when I ordered yesterday… They were warm though =\

I’ve been looking in NYC and haven’t found it either. Can anyone describe what the can/bottle label looks like?

Zev Steinhardt

It looks the same as regular coke but with a cream colored swirl around the front. You can see the new bottle and get info here. The site also has release dates for each area of the counrty. New yorks release is between May 25th and june 7th. Thus the reason you are unable to find it.

Thank you pepzunk!

Zev Steinhardt

pezpunk, I’m not quite sure that those are the release dates listed (I’m looking in the ‘find your vanilla coke’ section). If so, then Detroit wouldn’t have any Vanilla Coke until this Friday, and it’s been around at least a week, maybe longer (I should know, I’ve had several of them).

It says to check for a Vanilla Coke ‘event’ near you. Maybe some heavy-duty promotions are around those dates? But you can’t even click on the city for information about the events (because who needs to know where, exactly, these events are being held? :wink: ).

zweisamkeit is right. Sorry about that. I was actually looking at the website while working on something else and didn’t read the link thoroughly.

Weird. I would have thought that Atlanta, where Coca-Cola is headquartered, would be the first to go Vanilla.

I tried it-I like it, but I’m disappointed-there isn’t nearly enough vanilla flavor to it.

No sighting of it in So. California yet. Keeping my eye out though

I saw seveeral cans of Vanilla Coke in a Fullerton Albertsons’ gas station(!) the other day, so they’re sneakin’ in…

I got a couple of 20oz. bottles in Brooklyn this morning, so it looks like NYC is a go!

Zev Steinhardt

I have only tried it out of the bottle. Has anyone compared the difference in taste between the bottle and the can?

I still have not found cans but I have found that I enjoy it in a glass with ice more that right out of the bottle. It may be all in my mind but I seems that the taste comes out more that way.

Ditto on the NYC go :slight_smile: Got some in Manhattan, and am already addicted!

I have it at work, I like it but its never going to replace my love for pure Coke.

Hi All!
I havnt seen Vanilla Coke in Seattle yet either
I like Cherry Coke,but where is Lemon Coke??
havnt tried Lemon Pepsi yet

Rich in Seattle.