New variant of final exam nightmare.

You know the dream we’ve all had, where you are about to take a final exam for a class, and you have not studied the material at all. Moreover, you haven’t been to a single class session all semester.

Lately I’ve been experiencing a new variant of it. I arrive at the airport for an international flight, with just a couple of hours to go through security and check in, when it hits me: My passport expired in 1983 and I don’t even have it with me. Recently I’ve had this dream twice.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of dream?

And, on a purely factual note, how quickly could one get a passport? Are there INS officials (or whatever the agency is now called) at major airports
who could verify my identity and issue a passport on the spot? It might help make the dreams easier to live with.

I had a final exam anxiety dream last semester, but I was the one giving my exam. I started handing out exams and discovered that all that was printed on them was gibberish.

75 students, staring at me, wondering why the hell they weren’t getting their final exams.


I had one before I took the GRE’s in which the GRE’s were held in the elementary school my sister used to go to. I was driving around and around the neighborhood where we lived then, trying to find the school, but I never could. I was panicking, because I knew I was getting later and later for the exam, but couldn’t find the place.

After that dream, back in real life, I made a “dry run” to the place where the GRE’s were being held (which was on campus at my college, not some weird location like in my dream). I wanted to make sure I knew how to get there, and how long it would take.

Here’s what the US Department of State has to say about replacing a lost passport in the US. They don’t say how long it would take, but a normal expedited passport application takes 2 weeks, according to their site.

Last year I had to fly to the UK and found my passport was expired. My company was able to get it expidited and returned to me in 2 days.

I had another fun exam anxiety dream, too. In this one, I’m going to my high school to take the final exam, but I’m not wearing shoes. I know they will send me home if anyone finds out I am not wearing shoes. I need to get into my gym locker, where I kept a pair of tennis shoes, but a teacher I hated is blocking the way. For some reason, I can’t tell her that I’m not wearing shoes and that I need to get into my gym locker to get some shoes…

I had a variant of this one before my wedding, too. I’m getting ready to go up the aisle, and I’m not wearing shoes. My shoes are in my car, which was in the temple parking lot. I go out to get the shoes from my car, and the parking lot is about the size of the parking lot at Disneyland. I search for hours for my car, but can’t find it. Finally the rabbi comes out and tells me that it’s four hours late for the ceremony, and everybody is mad, and they’re all going home :eek:

I never had a dream about exams, even back when I was taking exams. Mine was always band-related, since I was in marching band and symphonic band in high school and was really, really bad at it.

My nightmare is always that I’m about to go either onstage for a recital (the tame version), or out onto the field for a half-time show and do my solo (the horrifying version). I have to explain to the people who are getting me to go out that I haven’t learned the piece and in fact, I haven’t practiced since 1987.

In certain circumstances, in a few hours. If you have all the required documentation, positive identification, an expired passport, AND you have confirmed travel plans (such as purchased airline tickets) you can go in person to the appropriate office and get the new passport the same day.

When I did this, I went to the U.S. Customs Office in Philadelphia; I’m sure there are other places. I handed in all the stuff, photos, etc., and they told me to come back in a couple hours. We went for a walk, had lunch, came back and got the passport. A friend of my daughter’s did the same thing just last week.

I’ve never heard of anyone getting a passport right at the airport.