new vB code: [noparse]!

New to us, of course. But VERY handy.

Do you want to give a URL to a possibly offensive site and comply with the two-click rule?

Code this:
and get this:

Do you want explain vB codes?

Code this:
and you get this:

Now that’s pretty useful. Thanks for highlighting it.

Another new feature… Did you notice we can now report our own posts!

And it survives quoting, maintaining the two-click rule! Excellent.

I believe this has always been possible…albeit implemented in a different way: via the inclusion of the ‘Automatically parse links in text’ checkbox underneath the compose new thread area.

By way of a test…

Does the ‘old’ method susvrviervereervive quoting?

I’ll find out after my fifteen seconds is up…
bollox… no.

That won’t be disabled in a quote unless the poster making the quote remembers to check the box as well. Most people don’t.

And the checkbox applies to the entire post, while the noparse tag can be selective.

What is the moderation policy on links given in this way. Do we have to observe the NSFW rule if noparse is used?

I’ve posted NSFW links in the past with automatic parsing disabled and not run into any problems. The point of the rule is to prevent people from accidentally clicking on something that they shouldn’t be looking at at work, so my guess is that noparse tags will be fine. But of course, you should wait for an actual moderator’s opinion.

Here’s the thing: When you link to something that’s potentially unsafe for work, something that could get someone in trouble if they clicked on it by mistake, you need to be considerate.

  1. You mention at the same time you make the link that it’s NOT SAFE FOR WORK. If’s nice if you say why, like “adult content.” Or “Mature material.” Or “Sexual situations.” Or “violence.” Or whatever.

  2. The link must be displayed in such a way that it takes at least two clicks to get there. To quote from the Rules:

So does noparse help you here? I believe all it does is keep a link from being copied when quoted – and I’m not even sure that works so well if the above example is any indication; you must unclick the box that says “parse links” each and every time you use it and do it again if you preview.

noparse prevents the message board software from doing any processing on the text between the tags. So I can type [noparse][noparse]a link or ;)[/noparse][/noparse] and it comes out with [noparse]a link or ;)[/noparse] instead of the usual a link or ;). URLs inside a noparse block will never be automatically turned into links, even if they’re quoted.

That’s a helpful thing . . . but even so I don’t think it takes away the need for people to identify potentially dangerous links. It doesn’t do away with the “two-click” rule afaic.

I’d hate to see someone get reprimanded or lose their job because of something they clicked on without full understanding of what they were getting into. It’s incumbent upon the person leaving the link to fully identify such potential problems.

That’s good. I’ve been suspicious of myself for a long while now.

I think I might be dogbutler’s sock. :eek:

It wouldn’t be a problem if people weren’t posting on messageboards from work… Just saying. :wink:

FTR, I support the “Two-Click” rule so people aren’t accidentally exposed to things they might not want to see, regardless of where they are posting from.

I guess I’m still confused. When you say “Two Click” I assume you mean that a hyperlink can’t go straight to NSFW material. But it appears to me that the new No Parse tag permanently prevents the text from becoming a hyperlink so that the URL must be manually copied and pasted into the address bar. Does that count as “Two Clicks”? (I see it as like the “break your link with spaces” ruling being used in that ongoing Doper picture thread)

Obviously, in either case tagging your link NSFW is just polite (as well as being required).

Surely breaking a link (whether by “noparse” or any other means) is as good as following the two click rule. The whole point was to prevent someone from accidentally viewing NSFW material.

If someone posts a broken link and labels it not safe for work, also requiring that the URL not directly lead to NSFW material would be redundant.

My view is to use both. Think of them as belt and suspenders, elevator and stairs, etc.