Moderator Action

Hmm I don’t see this turning out to well.

Off to the pit!


Is this some type of meta joke that I’m not getting? Why would a mod test post a vB link and then screw up the coding?

I think she was testing the [noparse][noparse][/noparse] tag.

[noparse] [/noparse] where any tags in between get displayed as text instead of parsed.

e.g. [noparse]this should normally be bold because the tags are correctly used, but since they are inside a [noparse] tag they will be ignored.[/noparse]

And xash wins the thread!

Huh. I never realized there even was a noparse tag.


hey, look at that.


It’s at the bottom of every vBulletin page. It would be nice if they told you it was key, though.