New tags "noparse" to break links

The new system includes the tags [noparse][noparse] and it’s concluder [/noparse][/noparse]

These tags basically allow you to type a URL, surrounded by these tags, and have it NOT appear as a link. This seems to me to be the best way to handle NSFW links, nowadays. The prior methods all had problems (e.g., someone quoting would re-parse the link.)

I’ve amended the RULES to include this new approach. (New material in blue font.)

You type: [noparse][noparse][/noparse][/noparse]
You get: [noparse][/noparse]

So, just lettin’ y’all know about this feature.




You type: [noparse][noparse][/noparse][/noparse]
You get: [noparse][/noparse]

I was wondering this.

edit: It works (or doesn’t work depending on how you look at it) So the software is quoting everything, as opposed to just the literal visible post.

But if I cut and paste…


Yes, if you delete the noparse tags around the text, the software will parse it.

FTR, noparse prevents the software from reading anything between the tags. So if you want to explain that typing [noparse]this[/noparse] results in this, now you can.