Testing noparse on itself


There is a nested noparse above (noparse tags within noparse tags) in theory you should see only one.

Good. That works. Now to go use it.

I’m not sure what behavior you were expecting, but what’s displayed, I suspect, are your second and fourth tags, rather than, as you might have hoped, your second and third tags. Try putting some smileys inbetween your noparse tags to see what I mean; the following is noparse + :slight_smile: + noparse + :frowning: + /noparse + :confused: + /noparse:

[noparse] :slight_smile: [noparse] :frowning: [/noparse] :confused: [/noparse]

As you can see, it’s not that the outer noparse and /noparse cause everything inbetween to be left verbatim; rather, the first noparse gets joined to the first /noparse, while the last /noparse is considered a closing tag without an opening tag.

I see what you’re saying. But for my simple purposes, even though it doesn’t behave as expected, it still acheived what I wanted, which was to show someone how to do the noparse code.

(in other words to show people how to noparse a web link…