New version of OS4 (still sucks)

Anyone here have an iPhone 3GS with OS 4.0.1?

One of the updates was to more realistically depict the network signal strength.

I’m in my office right now and always showed 5 bars. Now all it shows is 2 bars.

You’re telling me that they fudged 3 bars?! 3!!??

Thankfully the frequent hesitation of OS 4.0.0 is gone, but the battery still drains much faster than it use to. In fact, I just lost 2% while typing this. Grrrr.

When OS 3 point something came out, alot of people were complaining that they were losing 3 g signal alot. Apple put something out that the 3 g indicator previously was a bit optimistic and most people were actually on the edge network.

So Im not really surprised.


I am SO F-IN’ ANGRY at Apple for this horrible iOS 4 product.

Not to get too pit-ish, so the OP lost a couple bars of reception with the update. It doesn’t sound like there’s any actual problems being experienced other than what is displayed. Whoop-de-freakin’ doo.

My damned 3G, however, has pretty much been turned into a complete POS with this update. Applications crash right and left. Everything has slowed to a crawl – it’s like trying to run Vista on a 512MB laptop. It takes up to ten seconds for the map to come up. Typing has been reduced to: tap on text box to open keyboard. Wait seven seconds. Type three letters, notice that the text doesn’t appear. Wait seven seconds. Text appears, crap, a misspelled something – but the auto-correction box hasn’t popped up. Delete two letters – wait two seconds. Retype, allowing for lag. Finally done! Hit “send” and wait for three seconds to see if it registered. Hmm… not sure. Hit “send” again. There it goes! Wait, why isn’t the phone making the “whoosh” noise to indicate a sent email? I hit the button… why isn’t this working? [throw iPhone across the room] Ah, there’s the whoosh.

And here’s the worst part: it seems to be impossible to downgrade to the 3.1 OS and guarantee that the contacts (and other information) will transfer during the downgrade, unless you follow some insane directions written by people who speak in binary code for fun.

(Cue other binary-code speakers to reply to this to say, “Oh, it’s easy – all you have to do is back up your SNARF file to the CMOS whatzit chip, do ten soft non-power restores with a USB plug up one’s ass, split three hydrogen atoms and fill your iPhone with heavy water, then upgrade your PC to Windows 9 and redesign the processor in the iPhone, and spend the next three weeks writing your very own iOS5 and everything will work great!” Well, thanks very much, Einsteins, I have some choice words for your helpful suggestion that I’m not allowed to use outside the Pit.) :mad::mad::mad:

Ravenman, I’d prefer that if you’re going to possess me, read my thoughts and post them on the interwebs, you’d at least buy me dinner first. (I have the exact same complaints - it’s maddening, isn’t it?)

Ravenman, when I first loaded 4.0.0 I was having the same issue. I did a clean install (from factory setting) that helped a bit. Now that I have 4.0.1, the hesitation is much improved, though still slightly there.

I’m very disappointed in OS4. There should be an Apple endorsed option to stick with 3.0, not some work around that you have to search hours to find on the web.

Jailbreaking sounds better and better.

I did that last week. The hesitation on opening the keyboard was reduced from 8.752 seconds to 7.005 seconds. Which, in a unique way, makes me even angrier.

Just speaking from the ‘new OS on old hardware’ perspective, that is probably exactly what is going on. My understanding is that OS4 is really intended for current iPhones, not two year old ones.

This article about speeding up 3G with OS4 might help, good luck.

It would be so easy if Apple would just offer OS3 for people having issues with older devices. Frankly, the new features of OS4 I could live with out.

At least Microsoft has the courtesy to say, “We recommend you have 1 or 2 GB of memory to run Vista effectively.”

Apple basically lied when it said that iOS4 runs on the 3G. It turns a 3G into a piece of crap is what it does.

Even if you could revert to a lower OS number, Im not sure if that would not break your applications that support OS 4.1. Im running 3G as well and the only problems that I have encountered with it are on the carrier side , with cellular data simply disapearing , only to return shortly.

I have always had problems with the applications crashing, from what ever rev level the 3G started with, to OS 4. As others have said, the main culprit is Ram or lack of it. My useable ram is about 15 percent of total memory. If you do anything, jailbreak the phone and download one of those utilitys that allows you to disable or turn off what ever is running in back ground.

Why apple does not let me do this from the settings menu is beyond me, sooner or later this is going to be a major bone of contention with folks operating legacy iPhones. At least I am going into year 3 of my data contract, so I should be eligible for a hardware upgrade, but I am brand agnostic at this point, iPhone 4 is a contender, but I am seriously awaiting the new windows seven devices to be released before I plunk down coin on the new phone.

The news today is that Apple is investigating the problem. Hopefully they will come up with a solution for you.

I recall seeing something a few weeks ago on some tech board;

iPhone 3G = 128 mb ram
iPhone 3GS = 256 mb ram
iPhone 4 = 512 mb ram

iTunes currently has the ability to tell your hardware apart, so it keeps different versions of iOS for the iPhone versus the iPod versus the iPad. Wouldn’t seem like that much of a trick to change it to recognize a 3G as different from a 3GS and only go as far as 3.1.3 for an iPhone 3G, even if that traps them into updating the OS 3 for a couple more years.