New Wallace and Gromit

Don’t know how well known they are in the States but over in this part of the world they’re very famous. A new short from the people that brought you Chicken Run and The Wrong Trousers.

The first new short can be viewed here.

ah! great!
We love them,its about time!

Yay! Thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

We here in the States love Wallace and Gromit. I’m glad to see they’re back.

This is the first in a series of ten new “Cracking Contraptions” shorts. Looks good so far. Gromit seems to have a future career as a soccer goalie! (Wonder why Wallace called it the Soccomatic and not the Footballomatic?)

Will it be out on video? My son wants to know.

The word “soccer” originated In England (from asSOCiation football I believe).

… 15, love!

hehehehe, thanks for the link!

As the owner of a dog named Gromit, I can tell you about 20% of the people who meet my dog here in the states immediately get it. “Gromit! Like Wallace and Gromit! How cool!”. The other 80% go “What’s his name? Grumley? Groovit? What kind of name is THAT?!?”

It will be in England with the other 9 upcoming shorts. I don’t know if it will in the States.

I have only one thing to say…



C’mon, get it out on DVD! Like, yesterday!