New Wonder Woman movie coming in 2007 - Who should be cast as Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman (2007)

I’d always thought Angie Harmon from Law & Order would make a good Wonder Woman. She might have the wrong voive, though

I kind of figured Lucy Lawless was born for the role.

Really anyone but Sandra Bullock. I cannot stand that woman.

I’d vote for Lucy Lawless.

This woman was BORN FOR THE ROLE!


That’s pretty hot. It would never happen in a million years, but that combines two of my big guilty pleasure/fetishes (superheroines and Fran Drescher).

Anyway, since Joss Whedon is making the movie, I have thought of three actresses who would be appropriate choices for Wonder Woman, two of whom he has worked with before:

Charisma Carpenter
Monica Bellucci
Morena Baccarin

Ideally, they’ll go with a natural brunette, and someone vaguely exotic and ethnic-looking, since Wonder Woman’s origins are rooted in Greek mythology, and the Amazons of Themiscyra/Paradise Island are supposed to be Greek. Hence my picks above.

Bullock? are you joking?

Jessica Alba, Jenifer Lopez, Lucy Lawless, holy crap anyone but her…well almost anyone.

Better Fran Dresher than either Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Lopez. Bullock is too old for the role and Lopez can’t act. Lawless could play it but she’s a little too old and I would think she’d want to avoid another woman warrior role.

I’d prefer an unknown be cast in the part, surrounded by enough star power so that WW herself doesn’t have to be a name. Of course Lynda Carter must be cast as Hippolyta.

Morena Baccarin gets my vote. Or Eliza Dushku if we’re counting off the Whedon alums.

Sandra Bullock, no how no way. Maybe she has hidden reservoirs of acting talent somewhere, but I’ve never seen evidence of them.

This should go without saying, but it’s nice to see someone else had the same idea. Well, aside from me and Alex Ross.

I like Sandra Bullock in general, but she doesn’t sound quite right for the role. Big Bad Voodoo Lou’s suggestion of Charisma Carpenter might be good one, but I’m not sure she can act well enough for a lead role.

I was gonna mention Baccarin in my first post. She has the right look and style for the role but I’m a little unsure of how she’d be in a fight scene. I don’t really remember her doing anything very physical in Firefly (except maybe in Our Mrs Reynolds) or Serenity.

Dushku has a little bit too hard of a look in my opinion.

I had read somewhere - Entertainment Weekly? - that Evangeline Lilly of the tv show Lost was being considered…

No complaints here. I think Eliza Dushku is very hot and athletic, but comes across as too edgy - Lilly might be better at the wholesome princess bit…

I have no suggestions but god, no, no freakin’ Buffy/Angel or Firefly alumnae. It just screams of gimmickry.

Count me among the many who think that whoever is responsible for turning all these old, piss-poor TV shows into lame-ass suckfest feature films should be shot in the belly and forced to watch their own movies consecutively (A Clockwork Orange-style) until they bleed to death.

I’m pretty sure this one’s based on the comic book. But I generally agree that Hollywood is doing too many remakes.

This is an adaptation of the Wonder Woman television series in the same way that the Peter Jackson *LotR *trilogy was a remake of the 1978 Lord of the Rings animated movie.

I think Morena Baccarin has the right look, but she’s way too short. She’d have to stand 10 feet closer to the camera than anyone else.

My mistake. I’m sure it will suck huge - yet true to the original source material - donkey balls, then.

I think they should avoid casting anyone until Superman Returns is released. If the reaction to Brandon Routh is positive, then they should go find a nice unknown actress to take the role.

I’m really not crazy about any of the names being thrown around for this part, though, so I guess my opinion may be a little biased.