Wonder Woman flat chested? That is some kind of series reboot.

I’m sure Gal Gadot is a fine actor and wonderful person. But she isn’t the right body type at all for Wonder Woman. A Amazonian is big framed, and yes big boobs too. It’s all part of the character.

Gal Gadot is so thin. <sigh>

I hate series reboots.

Who would be right? Maybe Summer Glau? She is 5’6" and with weight training could be convincing. She can fill Wonder Womans D Cups too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ideally the actress should be 5’10". Height is important to give that statuesque look. Linda Carter is 5’9"

Gal Gadot reminds me of the typical runway model. Tall, thin and basically a body to drape clothes over. Runway models have always bored me. You just want to feed them.

People should stop watching Zack Snyder films, to prevent him from making awful decisions like this. Did you know Executive Producer Christopher Nolan wanted someone else entirely to play Batman? Instead of Ben Affleck he wanted Wes Bentley, which is brilliant. Nolan is so good at casting, I would love to know who he wanted for Wonder Woman.

Do you know what the folk entomology of “amazon” is?

I’ve heard Gadot is starting an exercise regimen so she’ll fit the part better.

I love Summer Glau but I’m so used to seeing her in morose roles (River Tam, a Terminator) that it’s hard to imagine her as WW. :smiley:

I seem to recall reading many years ago that Amazons had a breast removed to avoid painful bowsstring/breast interactions.

[insert reference to old Wonder Woman, Invisible Man, and Superman joke here]

No, that’s just a misogynistic Greek joke.

The gypsy moth?

When the old Wonder Woman show was on, starring Linda Carter, I remember a review of it.

“There are only two good things about this show, and they both hold up her costume.”

The closest real life approximation of WW would probably be rather mannish. She needs to be tall and have broad shoulders, huge muscular thighs, long legs, big boobs, and be somewhat traditionally beautiful? Impossible. You have to drop some of those qualities.

Summer Glau is damned skinny too. I never bought her action scenes in Firefly. For Terminator it was a bit easier, since she’s supposed to be a robot, but still. It looks like she’d break a wrist trying to pick someone up.

Lucy Lawless from her Xena days would be a good fit.

I’m really not seeing that much difference. Perhaps it’s just you know and like one actress, and don’t know or are not as familiar with the other?

Now, if we’re just talking about relatively young, non-A-list actresses with the proper, um, assets, my vote is with either Diora Baird or Alexandra Daddario.

Man disproves existence of Gina Carano, film at eleven.


:confused: According to this site, Summer Glau is a size zero, with A cups.

I don’t think Wonder Woman necessarily needs to have D cups, but I agree she should be tall and solidly built, not one of these little wisps of a girl.

they sure fooled me. :smiley:

Summer was just one name I threw out there. I’m sure there are better choices. Lucy Lawless was perfect as Xena and she could have played Wonder Woman then. You need a big framed lady that still looks attractive.

Jeri Ryan?

Gal Gadot is 5’9" and will be subject to the same intensive weight-gaining, muscle-building regimen as every other skinny guy who became Superman/Batman/etc.

She won’t have gigantic boobs,but that’s not really a crucial part of her visual.

And the award for the most vile, sexist, misogynist thread of the year goes to

…some boob?

Don’t keep us in suspense, Reverse. To whom does that award go?

marshmallow, it’s not an impossible set of criteria at all-- It just seems that way because women who meet those criteria aren’t well-represented in Hollywood. But there are plenty of high-end female athletes who combine a fit, full-framed body with an attractive appearance.