Here's Your New Wonder Woman

Well… I guess it’s OK. If there’s all that blue on the legs, I think it would look better if the boots stayed red to balance the color.

I don’t know what to think about some new Wonder Woman who sits around and complains about her bra size. She’s supposed to go out and kick butt and tie guys up with he magic lasso.

Eh - she doesn’t really look intimidating, does she? Frankly, I think Tricia Helfer would have been perfect for the role - stunning, real acting chops, and we saw in BSG that she can be genuinely scary, which would be important for a “non-campy” Wonder Woman.

This is just sad.

She ties up girls as well as guys.

I like it. I have never liked Wonder Woman’s lack of pants. I wish they’d go ahead and stay with the current comics costume design, frankly.

I don’t mind the design (though red boots would work better), but the latex or vinyl or whatever it is makes it look like Wonder Woman-themed fetish-wear, rather than an actual superhero costume itself.

People still want to see a Wonder Woman show? Srsly? :confused:

I’d like to see a good Wonder Woman show. But then, this is going to be on NBC, so I doubt good will be an applicable adjective.

It’s not working for me. I don’t like the pants either, maybe if the boots were a different color. Also, her face looks too immature for a credible Wonder Woman, but maybe nobody’s looking at her face.

… and we’re one step closer to the apocalypse :frowning:

There’s not a single good thing about that uniform (IMHO, including the model) I’ve seen better at costume castle. Lynda Carter is somewhere laughing her tush off right-about-now.

So so bad :frowning:

That’s not a model. That is Adrianne Palicki, who is the actress tapped to fill Lynda Carter’s C-cups.

do people still use ‘EPIC FAIL’ ?

All I can think is that Wonder Woman is a sad dancing hipster.

I’ll withhold judgement on the TV show for now. I need to see her in action first. Things look different when they’re moving. I will say, based on what I’ve read, I’m not optimistic.

Here is what I just said, on the “ChloroForum”:
"You know what it looks like? It looks like a reasonably-pretty girl pretending to be Wonder Woman’s alternate-universe counterpart.

Lynda Carter in the iconic outfit, however – now, she WAS Wonder Woman, the genuine article, no doubt about it!

Nothing horribly wrong with the costume – but that AIN’T the real Princess Diana!"

No no no. If you make the pants blue and then give her high, red boots, you break up the leg line and she ends up looking shorter. Keeping it all the same color makes the legs look longer.

No one would take a short superhero seriously. Particularly not one whose boobs look like they’re about to explode out of her top.:rolleyes:

Those pants will make her girly parts smell bad, or so I read here.

Frankly, this is just bad, and stupid. I predict one airing, maybe. If so, no follow up episode.

Everything I’ve heard about this show sounds like they’ve got every detail completely wrong.

It’s like they looked at the failure of the Bionic Woman reboot and said “Lets do exactly what they did.”

The top seems workable. A tad brightly colored for the real world, but it looks good as art. The problem is the shapelessness of the pants. They need seams of some sort at the junction of the thighs and hips so that there isn’t just an upside-down U-shape at the crotch. Probably what they should do is dye some riding pants, since those are form fitting, made to be functional, and look pretty hot.

The boots may be better a different color, but I’d be far more worried about the pants.

What about Wolverine? :slight_smile:

Ooh, that is good. It looks like maybe, possibly, there was a real live woman involved in designing that (yeah, when I go out crimefighting, I want something strapless, tight and skimpy. Super high heels for running and fighting in is a bonus!)

If you want Lynda Carter and her costume go watch episodes of her show. If, however, you are interested in seeing someone else’s take on the mythos, perhaps you will be interested in this show. I would watch an episode or two and my opinion will be based on what the creators are going for and if they achieve that coupled with how it holds my interest and not at how closely it models a show from the 70s or some moldy comic books. Because this is what a remake is.