New Yorkers & East Coast Travelers: weather questions/fear of flying

I have been offered a free trip to New York City to do a TV show on November 7. I would like to stay a couple of days and come home (Los Angeles) on the 10th.

I just realized that there is a chance that there will be real WEATHER involved! ACK! I’m a California girl who isn’t crazy about flying in the blazing sunshine between LA and Vegas… taking off or landing in a thunderstorm or blizzrd or worst of all… ICE storm…well, the very idea just turns my bowels to water, frankly.

On the other hand, I know that people travel major airlines in and out of Eastern areas hundreds of times per day, in January.

So my question is really this: just how bad is the weather likely to be November 7-10, and just how safe will I likely be?

As for weather - not bad at all, actually. Early November is one of the better times to be in NYC, IMHO. Weather is likely to be cool and crisp. In all likelihood the worst possibility is cold rain. Very unlikely to have snow or ice, which don’t happen all that often even in December. The only extreme weather that might come through would be a nor’easter, and while those are nasty they’re rare. (And they tend to happen later in the winter.)

The air traffic controllers are pretty aggressive in shutting down airports when the weather gets rough, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Unrelated, unsolicited advice: if possible, avoid Kennedy. It’s undergoing a massive construction project through at least 2005, which means it’s even more painful to deal with than before, especially if you’re flying American Airlines. Personally, I prefer Newark (recently renamed Liberty), which is a lot more civilized and has train access. LaGuardia is the closest to the east side of Manhattan, but there’s no train and the traffic can be horrendous.

You’re very unlikely to encounter “weather.” I’ve been told LaGuardia runways can’t handle the slightest bit of snow or ice. So Newark is your safest bet.

Well, I’m going to have a limo waiting, so I aint’ too concerned about getting into the city. :smiley:

I haven’t been to New York since 1980! This is going to be cool!

Don’t worry about weather; worry about delays and airport congestion and crowding in coach seating on a long trip. Especially delays, even if the weather is fine.

New York is as safe as any major city - take the same personal precautions you’d use in LA and you’ll love it.

Let us know when you’re on, btw.

We don’t seem to get much in the way of ice or snow until January.

Doc Matrix and I have a twenty-dollar bet going that you’re going to be a Trampoline Girl on The Man Show.