Newbie test thread

Thanks for letting me be a part. I’m new at this but have a good first impression of this site so here goes:smack:

Pretty good but that’s the emoticon for smackin’ yourself on the head - you know, like when you go “I can’t believe I did something that dumb.” Doesn’t seem to go with your post.

Anyway, welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board!

I was planning to mess up sometime and wanted to be one up. So it was a test of my emoticon skill presentation which, apparently needs improvement. This is also a poor attempt at humor, so let’s call it a yuk test. Thanks for responding. I’ll be serious now with just a small :wink:

Try editing a post. Better to edit than :smack:

Is this the thread we get to test the newbies? :slight_smile:

What’s your favorite color?

Are you going to ask him the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow next?

Hey, fresh meat!

That would just be silly. But then again, this is a silly place.


Once…just ONCE…I’d like to know the air speed velocity of a laden swallow.

It only seems fair.

I haven’t had a chance to [del]feed our kraken[/del] welcome a new friend in a while.

So, GGPa, how do you feel about mimes? :slight_smile:

It’s only a model.

Don’t feel badly, most everyone feels that way when they join a message board. They can’t believe they did this, wish they hadn’t, hope it’s just a bad dream and they smack themselves upside the head first to make sure they are not still asleep and then to punish themselves for having made such a foolish decision.

…runs nekkid through thread…

Did you ever see that episode of Cheers with Kevin McHale? He starts hanging out at the bar all the time and then, you know, instead of focusing on the basketball game he’s playing in, he starts counting the number of boards that make up the court to settle some sort of bet with Cliff Claven and starts becoming useless as a player. For some reason I keep remembering that episode lately.


One of the best posts I’ve seen in any forum.