Newest censoring tool...

For those of you interested:

When I returned to the boards yesterday, I posted several comments and started a thread for you to request the original thread on minorities. The only reason I had this thread was because until yesterday, it was possible to email selected threads to yourself.


Now what you get is a copy of the homepage, which you can re-enter, and read the posts as they exist at the moment.

Does this BOTHER anyone but me!!!

Sorry, I intended this for the Pit…move it where you like, however, I’d appreciate it if you would not delete it.

Not really, since I can simply save the page as source and it comes right up.

Iim not sure what you mean here…perhaps you can teach me about that.
I just tried to email this thread to myself as a test, and I got a blank screen…so I must be doing something wrong…or something has changed.

Well, I’m using Netscape on a Mac, so if you are PC it may be slightly different, but the concept is universal.

You simply SAVE the page. For me it is an option in the “File” menu, and when the dialogue box xomes up you have the option of saving just the plain text, or saving as “source”, which means preserving all the HTML coding, which keeps it looking pretty much the same as it does here, except with most pages you will have blank areas where the graphics usually are unless you save them, too, which I won’t bother to explain here.

It’s ridiculously simple.

We do precision guesswork

Well, thanks for the education, doesn’t address my thread, and…I guess I’m just a “ridiculouly simple” kind of person.

Lew Yelled.
Lew Was Corrected.
Lew Apologized.

I Like Lew.

Huh? I can E-mail a thread to myself just fine. I just did it, in fact.

I did it too. The feature may or may not have been down for a little while, but it’s up at this point.

Can somebody please explain exactly what Lew is talking about? If it’s a moderator conspiracy, dammit, I should know about it! :wink:

(I’m guessing it’s the “UBBFriend: Email this page to someone” at the top of each thread, but I’ve never even tried to use it so I don’t know for sure. Thanks.)

Thanks, Drain Bead. You were right, I guess.

I attempted, several times, yesterday to email a thread to myself. Each time, I got 1 of 2 results (see above). This seems to be fixed today…I presume it is what you suggested.

I apologize for the tenor of my first post. I was very angry that day. (it was the first day I new about the Melin/Jill issue.) And it seemed like very odd timing. (See above)

Gee, David, you could have just asked me what I was talking about…
You may feel free to close, delete or leave open, this thread. The problem is solved.