Newest Chick Tract: "The Lost Day"

The Lost Day.

It’s a little better than the last few have been. It seems to be about the true menaing of Thanksgiving. Jesus apparently hates it when people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I like the gratutitous gay couple, the kid that never heard of Thanksgiving OR Jesus (he’s not allowed to say “Thanksgiving” at his school) and the one kid’s T-Shirt (the kid who offers to sell crack and PCP to the guests). The retelling of the Thanksgiving story was teh Lame, though, and a little distorted (“God really saved their necks, didn’t He?” No, Billy, the INDIANS saved their asses). It also has lots of partying demons. No Catholic bashing and no “Haw haw haws” but overall, a fairky decent effort. I give it a C+.

How could you not mention Nellie Oleson? I mean she was always pretty evil; but daring the kid to feed a goldfish to ol’ Fang … That’s just plain mean.

That was so over the top it backs into greatness, although as a Catholic I resent being left out. How about a Pope with his arm around his boyfriend or something?

Loved the redneck who ended up in hell after having spent life clutching a beer and the people who said “I HATE that name!” “Idiots!” and stuff like that.

And fer sure we mentioned Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims in my school. And Jesus if he fit into history (what the Pilgrims and Purtians believed, for example, and abolitionists, and MLK Jr., and…) And this was a public school in the largest system in the country.

Lawsy, is there actually anybody (in the US, at least) who doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving? Sure wouldn’t know it from late-November airfare prices.

[comes back from actually reading tract, wipes slime from eyeballs] Oh, I get it. It’s not that they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s that they don’t say “Thank you, Jesus” enough. (By the way, how does Jack Chick know that people aren’t thanking God at their private holiday tables?)

And “Thanksgiving was once our most honored day”? :confused: More honored than Easter, the Resurrection of the Redeemer? More honored than Christmas, the day of his birth? And that was supposed to be a good thing? Pagan.

What never ceases to amaze me is how some narrow-minded some people could, such as our dear Chick here. Hey, dude, not every country and culture has Thanksgiving. It is a purely an American holiday. So what do people in China do about this, eh?

“Then God let them find corn buried by the Indians”.

Yeah, and God let me find the cash that my neighbor left on his counter. So it’s not stealing!

And is anybody else a little disappointed this one’s not about the lost day calculated by NASA?

Okay, I’m confused here. Jesus was both God and the Son of God? How does that work?

And Squanto spoke perfect English? And since when can you not mention “Thanskgiving” in school? :confused:

Well, Chinese folk are going to hell, obviously! HAW HAW HAW!

“Kiss me!” (Kiss me???)

The same way that I’m both man and the son of (a) man.

The trinity.

…and the reason Squanto spoke English was that they’d kidnapped him into slavery. <starts singing “There is a bro-ther-hood of man…”>

I am. I was looking forward to Chick butchering celestial mechanics… :frowning:

Why is it every time you see the Pilgrims getting corn, they say they’re “finding” it but when the Indians do it, it’s “looting”?

Why didn’t Karl Rove get a mention in the last panel? It says “the only smart one in the whole bunch was the kid.”

Yes, he did.

Well, that little stripey-shirt kid sure learned his lesson: When your cousin offers you PCP at Thanksgiving, pass. It’ll only end in tears.

I’m Jewish and I celebrate Thanksgiving. Does that make me a crypto-Christian?

Robin ;j

Yes, that’s odd. Presumably the school holiday for the fourth Thursday in November is listed on school calendars as “Holiday that must not be mentioned in school”.

Because the Pilgrims were White, of course. And it’s “wild Indians”, too, don’t forget.

This was my first exposure to Jack Chick. I still don’t get it. Is it parody, or is the guy serious. 100% serious?