Newest Craze in Fast Food

Dieters and vegetarians beware…the newest craze in fast food combines the smoothest of a milk shake and the meatiness of a hamburger.
The high calorie yet yummy MEATSHAKE.

Meatshakes make the money, see; meatshakes get the honeys, G.


That’s it. I am eating nothing but broccoli from now on.

Good joke…someone has too much time on their hands. :smiley:


In my misspent youth, “blended fastfood” was a traditional discipline in the yearly “bodycrashing” (i.e., eat the most disgusting food imaginable and win another serving) competitive event. And now it’s been commercialized. Is nothing sacred ? Will they copy the concept of the pickled herring layer cake next ?

Or the Banana Barf Boat?

Great, now I’ve got that Saturday Night Live “Bass-O-Matic” fake commercial running through my head. (If you haven’t seen it, think fish + blender.) “Mm, that’s good bass!”

I wonder if this is where the slurp-a-lunch idea on ATHF came from.

This can’t be serious is it? Love meat as much as the next caveman, but this is truely digusting.

Nah, it’s a joke.

A. None of the email address links work.

B. The photos of the signs and restaurant are photoshopped.

C. Read the background page. No way is this anything but made up.

D. Check out a couple of the premiums on the Carnivore Club list!

Wow-at first I wondered why it took so long. Many years ago, after breaking my jaw in a car accident, I got really tired of the supplement goo which had been my sole intake for week after week. In an acto of teenage-fueled insanity, I threw a BigMac™ into the blender and added milk until it was suckable. :eek: It really wasn’t too bad, but my Dad had to leave the room-he couldn’t handle it.

Well thanks for spoiling the surprise, Jenaroph!:wink:

Aw, I’m sowwy…did I give away the secret we were supposed to taste? :smiley:

Kinda old, isn’t it?

My meatshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours…

But is it the mike rulah and the old schoola?

Wanna trip? It’ll bring it to ya.

That’s so wrong. It’s even more wrong that I kind of like that.