Newish TV with weird screen.

6 months old TCL, Roku TV.
It looks like striped paint was poured on the screen. A big wave right through the middle.

Any of you TV experts know what this is?

Photos would help.
Is it on all sources?
Could be a backlight or LCD issue.

Yes. On all sources. Googled. They’re saying: Cracked screen.
I bought extended warranty. So I guess I’ll pursue that.

You’re still under the regular warranty, so I’d pursue that first. The response is likely to be a lot faster and the extended warranty people may well demand that you file a claim against the regular warranty before they’ll pursue one with them.

Good idea. I’ll do the regular warranty first.

If they argue with you, show them your kidney.

My kidney shoulda had an extended warranty. Yeah, Mother Nature…I blame you.
You treated me like a jerk!!!
No returns.
No refunds.

My kidneys get stones, which is even worse then dead pixels. :frowning:

Don’t be rude to her.
Remember that Mother Nature will get you in the end. And she decides when ‘the end’ is.