news sources for a balanced view

If you were to pick a few on-line news sources for a balanced view of the US and the world, which ones would it be? Not necessarily neutral sources, but a combination that shows different sides of issues. I get most of my news on my PDA using AvantGo, and currently read NY Times, BBC and Washington Post, but I’m wondering if there are better choices.

Fair and balanced? Try Fox or NewsMax. :rolleyes:

COUGH Hack. Wheeze.

Seriously, I’m in the U.S., and the only fair and balanced online news I can ever find is out of Europe. The Guardian is a good one.

I read a variety of angles on the same story to get a feel for what is between the rhetoric. AP Wire, NYTimes, the ,local rags Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinal, Reuters wire service,, FoxNEWS, London Times, Drudge, and yes, NewsMax. I find it fun to try to pick out facts within the stories on some sites, and enjoy the different angles from different perspectives.

IMO, nobody gives a balanced view by themselves, but I have not read the Guadian much.

No single news source is completely unbiased. The best you can do is read as many different angles as you can on stories that interest you and form your own opinions.

The best way to do that is Google News. Google News isn’t a news site in itself: It uses Google’s indexing abilities to autogenerate a composite news page gleaned from actual news sources. It does a very good job of summarizing and grouping different articles on the same story, and it gives you links to the originals.

This is how Headline News should have been done: The main page is all blurbs and outlines, with the ability to dig either broader (look at a range of different sources) or deeper (look at one source’s take in depth).

Google News has changed forever how I gather news.

The Guardian is unashamedly quite left-wing, that said it probably has high standards of accuracy.

I would recommend for the most balanced and comprehensive news source available on the internet for free.