Next Food Network Star

Aaron is on “Cooking with the Neely’s” right now…

Promos are saying that his show starts tomorrow, “Big Daddy’s House,” I think. At least he’s got a good midday slot, it seems like “Party Line with the Hearty Boys” premiered, or nearly so, bright and early on Sunday when most folks are asleep.

I don’t think that Aaron deserved to win, Adam was 1000x more charismatic than he is, but I think that the Food Network is trying to branch out past middle class white folks as the target audiance so that Aaron had an unfair advantage as being part of the networks overall vision for the future. Which is cool, they need more diversity on the Food Network. I wish they’d get an awesome hispanic chef soon.

We happened to catch the last five minutes of the last episode, and after looking at all three finalists, my first thought was, “It’s gotta be the black guy - they have enough white hosts.” How prophetic of me!

And they do have “Simply Delicioso” with Ingrid Hoffman. She was raised in Colombia.

I suppose I meant that I’d like a Mexican chef. I love Mexican food, so maybe something as singly thematic as Giada’s show to give me some nice updates to my own Mexican cooking skills and ideas.

Did anyone catch Aaron’s show today? I think he did great! Very warm and engaging, and the food looked good. And his little boy is a doll. He says “Whoo!” a lot…


It’s not Food Network and you may know about the show already, but PBS broadcasts Rick Bayless’ excellent Mexico: One Plate at a Time cooking show.

I saw the show, and I admit it was a lot better than I thought it would be.