Next on Lifetime - The Pfc Jessica Lynch Story

You know it’s coming. Let’s face it, the story of Pfc Jessica Lynch’s capture and subsequant rescue by Special Forces soldiers has “movie” written all over it.

Personally, I don’t think it’s going to be a Jerry Bruckheimer/Ridley Scott production like Black Hawk Down - not enough action. And it’s not going to be a Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay production like Pearl harbor - lacks sweepingness and epicness.

Feels more like a Lifetime movie of the week.


Sheesh, not even a question. Lifetime would make a movie out of it if she’d just gotten her hand stuck in a pickle jar.

Lifetime television, how do I hate thee…

I am curious to see how the story actually pans out in the end. I was reading that her family is now saying that she was neither shot nor stabbed when she was captured and they are saying there are, so far anyway, no signs of her being tortured. It seems that she was pretty much just injured, plain and simple, which happens during war.

I think that the fact that she is really young, cute, and female ups the chances of a movie big time. Unless she was rescued by her boyfriend or fell in love with one of the commandoes though I doubt we will see it on the big screen.

I wonder if Tori Spelling is too old to play her?

Well if Bruckheimer produced in, we know that Lynch would be played by Kate Beckinsale. The commando squad would consist of Josh Hartnet, the guy who play Spud in Trainspotting and would be let by Michale Beihn.

Next on Lifetime - “She Caught her Hand in the Pickle Jar”

Lifetime can be cool, they have some good shows and some of their TV movies are not bad.

What will be throw up time is Jessica talking to Oprah.


Artistic license, man. We’ll see it on the big screen!

**A Rescue in *Basra–The Jessica Tyler Story: A Moment of Truth Movie

*“Nassiriya” is too long and hard to spell. “Basra” just sounds better, almost romantic. I can hear Charles Boyer apocryphally saying, “Come weez me to zee Basra!.”
**“Lynch” has negative connotations.

Buffy is ending after this season, so Sarah Michelle Gellar should have some free time. It’d be funny to see her with short hair, tho…

No no no! You need to have a colon in the title, or at least a subtitle, like

“She Caught her Hand in the Pickle Jar: The PFC Jessica Pyle Story”

“Not Without My Kosher Dill: The Story of PFC Jessica Pyle”

Yeah, I changed the name. I mean, Lynch was a POW.