NFL 2020: Week 5

I will boldly predict that the Packers will remain undefeated :slight_smile:
Seriously, they are on Sunday night, delayed so the end was past my bedtime
Then Monday night (no cable, so couldn’t easily watch)
And then they have a bye


Atlanta learning how to not blow a lead. Just fall behind early.

I haven’t watched any Panthers, but I’m impressed Teddy B. has that team at 2-2 without CMC.

Um, Packers have a bye this week.

Next week (10/18) they are scheduled to play at Tampa Bay.

More garbage penalties. Frustrating.

I suspect that his “they are on Sunday night” was meant to be “they were on Sunday night,” referring to their game two weeks ago against the Saints.

As Mike Florio has just reported, the NFL has announced eight scheduling changes, as a result of the postponement of the Patriots-Broncos game:

The Chargers see four of their upcoming games affected, and they weren’t even directly involved in the issues with any postponed games.

OK, that makes sense, I guess.

But he’s predicting that the Pack will remain undefeated in their bye week? Bold.

Probably not quite what you were expecting, I guess.

Looks like a coaching change imminent in Atlanta

Definitely going to be an interesting coaching carousel this season

Yes, I meant they WERE on Sunday night, and I guess my smiley wan’t enough to indicate my jokey prediction.


Browns receivers are making crazy catches consistently on passes that probably shouldn’t have been thrown today.

This Cowboys defense is historically bad. As in, possibly on pace to allow 700 points this season bad.

Yeah, I thought maybe the Chiefs would play defense. It wasn’t boring, though.

That doesn’t look good at all for Dak

The over-emoting by Romo and Nance negated almost every concerned feeling I had for Dak. They were acting as if his life were in danger, not that he might have broken his foot and will miss the season.

Browns seem like they’re pretty good this year.

Season to be cancelled.

Twitter has been over the top. Interesting that Dwayne Haskins broke his Twitter silence today about Dak, not when Kyle Allen got hurt or when Alex Smith came in.

I’m really sorry Dak got hurt and it’ll probably cost him the season, but it was a football injury. Not a gruesome Theisman or Alex Smith injury and definitely not a spinal injury.

The Andy Dalton era begins.

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Seahawks down 13-0 at halftime. Now less than 7 minutes into the 3rd quarter, they are up 21-13. Ouch.