NFL 2021: Divisional Round / Week Twenty Questions

You’re on track so far.

Dumbass play call for SF. Spread em out and make them guess. It’s one yard. WTF.

Might be Bay vs Bay in the NFC final.

Did someone mention special teams for the Packers struggling?

Special teams definitely an issue for Green Bay…

Kind of hoping for OT here.


Holy crap, SF had no business winning that game. But I won’t complain.

How bout them Niners? I did not see that coming!

No one to blame but the Packers. Poor special teams play. Bad play calling. Rodgers unable to be special.

Very frustrating. Bye Aaron.

Mistakes by GB and decent defense by the 49ers. Garapollo was less than impressive though. There were several passes where he could have been pick sixed.

I could only watch the last half, but that’s pretty much my entire thoughts on the game. Didn’t seem like the same Packers team from the early-mid season.

There’s always next year.

Guess it saves me from disappointed in the future when the Pack would lose (either next week of the SB)
A blocked FG and blocked punt was their doom (though doing almost nothing offensively for several quarters didn’t help.
Maybe it’s karma for the COVID lie.


Packers are now 7-7 at Lambeau in the playoffs since 2002. The Frozen Tundra has been thawed; teams are not afraid to play there anymore.

Yes,so we can lose the first playoff game. Again. Again.

Fuck yeah! Screw the Packers!

Man, after last week’s four blowouts, we’re definitely getting our money’s worth this week.

Lifelong Packers fan. But after Kaaron Rodgers’ attitude this season, I’m glad they lost. Now let’s hope the Rams take down sore loser and self absorbed Tom Brady tomorrow.

Rams-Bills or Rams-Bengals is the hope now…

Hell, it didn’t seem like the same Packers team from the first drive in this game.

I agree with @Hamlet’s analysis. They spent the entire fourth quarter trying to lose the game, and succeeded.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve been pulling for Matthew Stafford all year, just because of all his shitty years in Detroit. But beating Tom Brady would certainly be a bonus.