NFL 2022: The Playoffs

The NFL is thinking about expanding this year’s playoffs to 8 teams each conference in response to the Bills-Bengals no contest. Two questions
When will they make a decision? The 8th team needs to start prepping on Monday.
If they do it this year, will they make this permanent?

Seahawks need to win and IF the 8th team is approved they are in with a win and could be the 7th or 8th ranked.

Packers in if they win. If Lions win, they are in with a Seahawks lose. OR if the Lions win, they get in as the #8 seed if the Seahawks lose (if there are 8 teams).

No, there will be seven teams this year, as originally planned. I don’t know if the 8th team was ever seriously considered.

However, it’s entirely possible that another playoff team will be added in the near future. That means an additional playoff game, which means additional revenue.

No, that’s not happening.

There were rumors about it but since the NFL hasn’t even approached the NFLPA about the possibility, it isn’t happening. There needs to be a negotiation before adding extra games to the schedule. That hadn’t happened and there isn’t enough time to work something out so it’s a non-starter.

Instead they’re pursuing a potential neutral spot if necessary.

So NFC is the only one that still has an open spot.

AFC Playoffs
(1) Chiefs - Bye
(2) Bills - (7) Dolphins
(3) Bengals - (6) Bengals
(4) Jaguars - (5) Chargers

Correct, but at this moment, the 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 seeds are still undetermined.

Tampa Bay is locked into the #4 seed, and the Giants are locked into the #6 seed.

Packers, Seahawks, or Lions will be the #7 seed; Pack is in with a win tonight.

And to clarify the NFC playoff picture for the last playoff spot
Packers win: in
Seahawks win, Detroit win or tie: Seahawks in
Seahawks lose, Detroit win or tie: Lions in since Lions beat the Packers in their first game they have the tiebreak on a tie.

Quite an achievement by the Bengals.

Ravens are the 6 seed.

The playoffs are getting awful Bengally! :astonished:

Wonder if they’ll flip a coin to determine where the game is played.

I saw suggestions it might be.

Before anyone protests how arbitrary that is, they do the same thing at the start of every game and the start of overtime. The NFL just really likes to flip a coin for things.

My remark was in jest to the ‘Bengals vs Bengals’ game.

However, had the Ravens defeated the Bengals today, they would have flipped a coin to determine who hosted the Ravens/Bengals game next weekend.

That’s what I was referencing and thought you were referencing, my bad. :man_facepalming:

And yeah, it wasn’t ultimately necessary since Cincinnati won.

Seahawks win so here is the scenario
Packers win and they’re in.
Lions win or tie and Seahawks are in.

Scuttlebutt appears to be that the Cowboys-Bucs matchup will be the Monday Night Football wild card game. If Tampa wins, Tom Brady will have won more playoff games in his career (36) than the Cowboys have won in their entire history (35).

When I was looking at the matchups, I suspected that this game would be the one that would attract the most eyeballs, so it makes sense to put it on MNF. There are two games Saturday (4:30 and 8:15), three on Sunday (1:00, 4:30, and 8:15), and one on Monday (8:15).

All times are Eastern.

Down go the Packers! Seattle heads to the playoffs and will play the Niners.

NFC now settled
(1) Eagles - Bye
(2) 49ers - (7) Seahawks
(3) Vikings - (6) Giants
(4) Buccaneers - (5) Cowboys

And the schedule and odds are already out. All times EST
4:30pm Seattle at San Francisco -10
8:15pm Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville +1

1:00pm Miami at Buffalo -11
4:45pm New York Giants at Minnesota -3
8:15pm Baltimore at Cincinnati -6.5

8:15pm Dallas at Tampa Bay +3

Just a warning, the Vikings and Bills will break your heart.

Vikings maybe. Cousins is as Cousins does. But the Bills seem different and they’re rallying around a cause beyond football so who knows.