NFL Conference Championships

Woot! Seahawks proving home-field advantage is critical as they get to host the 69ers in Seattle. Current prop bets: number of fights over/under is 17; number of ejections over/under is 2.5. Should be a good game and by good game I mean Seahawks completely dominate.

I hate that the Broncos won. Not because I’m a Bronco hater but the sport radio around here. If I were to average the predicted scores for yesterday’s game according to both fans and local sportscasters, it would be
Broncos 438 Chargers -16
Broncos 201 Hurricane Manning 3
Now I have to deal with that for another week. Luckily I won’t have to hear about it after Sunday.
Seattle 38 - San Francisco 17
New England 24 - Denver 21

I hate that NE has to go back and win in Denver again. That’s a tough place for visitors. Still, one more Brady v. Manning battle was probably written in the stars.

The Pats put on a clinic last week. I hope the O-line can keep Denver’s rush defense as ineffective as Indy’s was. Even after beating them earlier in the season though, Denver still scares me.

Huge loss for the Broncos:

If the weather is good, I see at least 65 points being scored in this one. I predict:

Patriots 38, Broncos 31

Seahawks 23, 49ers 17

Quick question, when is the last time that both number 1 seeds were in the championship round? And when is the last time that both number 1 seeds were in the Super Bowl?

You prove a indicative surrogate for the Seattle fan base when you post shit like this.


Fun trash talk is fine but we’re five posts in and it’s already getting personal. Please remember this is not the Pit.



In 2009, the Indianapolis vs. New Orleans Super Bowl was the last time both number 1 seeds were in the Super Bowl.

Wait, “69ers” is an insult? :smiley:

You’re doing it wrong!!!

But before that, you’d have to go back 16 years, to the 1993 season, when Dallas and Buffalo played for the second time. Lots of (1)s versus (2)s in between, though…

2004: Philly (1) vs. Patriots (2)
2002: Oakland (1) vs. Tampa Bay (2)
1998: Denver (1) vs. Atlanta (2)
1996: Green Bay (1) vs. New England (2)
1995: Dallas (1) vs. Pittsburgh (2)
1994: San Fran (1) vs. San Diego (2)

I’ve been a Seahawks fan since the 70s so I’m allowed to talk shit.

Oh, so the 49ers then would be your worst enemy, seeing how they been division rivals for ALL that time.

They have to latch onto some team as a rival. Existing all those years in relative obscurity has made them bitter.


ETA: Go Niners!

Make that angry (the numerous times we were screwed by officials) and bitter (I still remember a game we got 1 freaking first down the entire game)

Get off my lawn!!!

I have to pick Seattle, though I’m sort of a Niners fan by proxy (my best bud lives near San Jose.) Same division, better record, 8-1 at home. The Niners are very hot, which generally means nothing whatsoever.

Seattle 31, San Francisco 20

For the AFC, we have to look at the fact that MY GOD THE BRONCOS SCORED 606 POINTS HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT. It will be very high scoring unless the weather is ghastly, which it’s not supposed to be.

Denver 45, New England 35

Against the Rams, I think. Probably while they were still in Los Angeles.

I cannot see a game where these two defensive, ball-control, power running teams put up 51 points. They totaled 32 and 36 points the two times they played this year. And I expect a fairly tightly officiated game, given the penchant for these two teams to act like overtestosteroned idiots. I’d be surprised if they hit the over/under of 40 this week.

They started it!

Yep 1979. The game we had a total of -7 yards.

Both road teams win!

Patriots 31 - Broncos 30
49ers 27 – Seahawks 17