NFL Draft Prediction Game

With a couple days left before the NFL Draft, let’s see who is the guru of the draft- the prestidigitator of picks, the Swami who knows all. Here is the order in which the teams will draft- just fill in with your picks and we’ll see who is closest to right. I will pick later, after going to to look over the possibilities.

San Diego
Kansas City
New Orleans
N.Y. Giants
Oakland (from Tampa Bay)
N.Y. Jets
New Orleans (from Miami)
San Francisco
Green Bay
St. Louis
New England

The draft starts Saturday, giving us a couple of days. I’m just asking for the projected first-round picks for purposes of this contest.

I’m going to go with:

David Carr - Houston Texans.
Julius Peppers - Carolina Panthers

After that, I don’t know. I’m going with an over under of 10 here; by that I mean that anybody who gets more than 10 right is a football god and should have the honor of writing up the weekly picks for the regular season.

Do you think I fooled anyone with that?

I’m tired of this overblowing of the draft–they try to make it bigger than most playoff games. So I won’t participate in this exercise and refer people to the latest TMQ, which is now located at ESPN.

  1. I’ll miss the start by at least half an hour, as always.
  2. The phrase “war room” will be used an ungodly number of times.
  3. Absolutely nobody’s mock draft is going to be within three football fields of the actual first round picks.
  4. The viewing audience will loudly boo at least one pick, despite the fact that these people haven’t played a single NFL game yet, hence there really isn’t any basis for determining the wisdom of that team’s pick.
  5. I’ll get bored of this after a couple hours or so and go out for my usual Saturday activities, all the while wondering how the freaking draft got to have more attention, publicity, and information than some conference championships.
  6. Mel Kiper will go triple ape-excrement over a number of picks, then, as always, not watch a single NFL game all year to see if his complaints were valid.
  7. A number of viewers will ask how Mel Kiper is able to make a living analyzing this one activity that happens two freaking days of the year.

Those of you who didn’t want to participate, fine. That’s no reason to kill the thread. Anyone else have an idea? I’m scouting for my fantasy football league- which, by the way, will have some openings- I’m expanding the number of teams. I’ll post again. My picks will be in for this thread by tomorrow.

Steelerphan, I’m curious about who you think the Steelers need (and who they’ll more likely end up with). What are their biggest holes? How much would you be willing to see them trade away in order to get their draft day McGuffin?

I’m following the draft from the other end. Big 'Cane fan, here, and I like to watch the Hurricane program graduate yet another clutch to the big show. Last year, they lost four players in the first round alone, and they still managed to win the championship Rose Bowl game. This year, it’ll be Bryant McKinney(OT), Ed Reed (DB), Jeremy Shockey (TE), Philip Buchanon(CB), and Mike Rumph(DE?) – all possible first-rounders.

I’ve been looking forward to Draft Day since before the season even ended. Heck, I’m already anticipating how high their QB Ken Dorsey will go next year!

If the Vikings take Ryan Sims, I’ll be of mixed emotions. Yeah, the line has needed a passrusher for god knows how long, but after the Underwood fiasco of '99 and the Hovan no-show of 2000 and 2001, I’m not optimistic of their odds for wasting a first-round pick on a defensive lineman.

“Wasting”. I guess I’ve been spoiled with the wildly successful picks of Moss and Culpepper in 98 and 99.

Steelerphan, I for one wasn’t attempting to kill your thread. I just don’t follow the draft enough to be able to make coherent guesses beyond the first two picks. I’m interested in what others have to say here but I usually dissect the draft ex post facto rather than try to handicap it. And this year, with the Bucs first pick at about 90, there’s not much hometeam sentiment involved.

Good luck, and let us know about your Fantasy league.

I’m with lno on this one. Also, it’s a good thing Dummy Green is gone since, although he was good at picking offensive players, he sucked mightily at picking for defense.

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, we could see six 'Canes go in the first, if Clinton Portis gets the nod at #27 (sportswriters disagree over Portis). I wonder if that would set some sort of record?

Unfortunately for us Dolfans, the 'Fins traded away their first-round pick to New Orleans.

Niner Fan checking in.

Since the Niners pick so late in the draft, I can’t venture a legimate guess. But what I’d like to see them do is draft a DT, a CB and a OT. Why?

Last year the Niners showed a brilliant move by putting Young at DE, I’d really love to see that become permanent with Peterson at the other end. That means we’d need another starting quality tackle.

CB - While Ahmed Plummer has shown good things, Webster has mechanic problems and gets beat often on the long ball. Also our nickel package is pretty weak, so I’d like somebody with some speed and size.

OT - We have a very old line if you take out Newberry, time to start rebuilding before it fails.