NFL Films voice bleeped on air

I was just watching this NFL Films presentation about the road to the Super Bowl. They were showing the Seahawks-Panthers game from last week in their trademark slow-mo fashion, when, out of nowhere, I heard this gem from that guy who does the voiceovers for the show: “Shaun Alexander offered a hearty [bleep] you to the Panthers defense.”


No way, I have to hear John Facenda dropping an F-bomb!

(Underline Mine)

Yea, that’s be my guess for the bleeped out word.

Heck, I’d love to hear him say anthing, since he had a great voice and has been dead for 20 years. Cite :wink:

A month or so back, there was something VERY similar on NFL Films during “Inside The NFL” on HBO.

They had audio of a player or a coach saying something that involved “<bleep> You” and then the voice said, “and then so-and-so delivered a <bleep> you to the other side.”

So, it wasn’t just copy out of nowhere, but related to something they had just shown on tape. Very funny.

The narrator in question was very likely Harry Calas, he’s the current NFL Films “voice of God”.

The line was probably written with the “<bleep>” as part of it. No one really thinks they can use the f-word on broadcast TV before 10 p.m.

Yeah, I figured they wouldn’t record that line with the intention of playing it uncensored, even after 10 p.m. It just caught me by surprise. I had just turned it on when I heard it, so it’s possible that it was related to a previous quote or something. The way I saw it, though, it came way outta left field. Got a pretty good laugh out of it.