NFL Predictions Week 13

One look at the Line for this week and the first thing that popped out at me was that all but one home team is favored (with 2 OFF, and a Pick 'em). The Giants are the lone exception, so I’ll be picking against them for that sole reason.

49ers 27 at Rams 30 (Rams by 7 1/2)
This game looks like a huge shoot-out. Almost to the point that I wanted to predict a score of 17-14 or something just to be different, but I can’t see anything less than 20+ for each team.

Titans 24 at Vikings 17 (OFF)
Hard to say what will happen in this game, both QBs are banged up and on the injury list. Moss is running his mouth again like an idiot. I guessing Culpepper can’t go the whole game (if at all) and will pick the Titans accordingly.

Panthers 17 at Bills 24 (Bills by 3 1/2)
I jumped on the VanPelt bandwagon at the wrong time and started him against San Fran last week. Bad move. At home against one of the worst defenses in the league I’ll try starting him (and Moulds) again.

Bears 13 at Packers 20 (Packers by 5 1/2)
Chicago has won the last two times in Lambeau, but I think the GB passing game will prove to much for a Chicago pass defense that isn’t as tough as people seem to think.

Browns 17 at Patriots 20 (Patriots by 5)
The Browns defense has been doing pretty well, but their offense just can’t seem to get any points. The Patriots continue to be the surprise team of the year.

Lions 16 at Bucs 20 (Bucs by 9)
Can Mike McMahon get the Lions’ their first win? I doubt it, but it’ll be interesting. I think 9 is far too much of a spread on this one.

Jaguars 17 at Bengals 24 (Bengals by 3)
Bengals started the week as one point dogs. This one could be interesting but I think Dillon is due for one of those big games of his again.

Saints 23 at Falcons 16 (OFF)
Tough call without knowing if Chandler is playing. If he can’t go the Falcons won’t have a chance. They don’t have much of one even if he does play.

Giants 13 at Cowboys 14 (Giants by 3 1/2)
Do I really think this can happen? Quite frankly, the way this season has gone, yes, I do. I wouldn’t bet pocket lint on it though.

Chargers 17 at Eagles 24 (Eagles by 7)
Surprisingly, the Eagles can be run on. They rank 19th in the league, giving up 115 yards on the ground per game. That might be nice for Tomlinson in fantasy ball, but it won’t do much for the Chargers on the whole.

Redskins 20 at Cardinals 27 (Pick 'em)
The second most surprising team is the Cardinals who are still in the playoff hunt. David Boston has established himself as one the ‘elite’ receivers in the league.

Chiefs 20 at Raiders 26 (Raiders by 9)
Again with the big spread for Oakland? Against a divisional rival that always plays them tough? I think they win but I just don’t see them covering.

Jets 9 at Steelers 16 (Steelers by 4)
Let’s see, the Steelers defense should be able to stop the Jets offense no problem. The Steelers are without Bettis. These two teams are a combined 6:16 in the over:under ratio. I’ll take the under for $100 please, Alex.

Seahawks 13 at Broncos 24 (Broncos by 6)
If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes I never would have believed it - Denver is 6th in league on overall defense. They’ve been giving up a lot of points though. Still, I think they can tame the Seahawks at home.

Colts 21 at Dolphins 27 (Dolphins by 4 1/2)
Can the come from behind Dolphins do it again? I don’t think they’ll have to this week as long as Wanny understands that it’s okay to throw before the 4th quarter. Especially to that Chambers kid.


SURE - Denver

(Wow, I have picked only one upset. That’s got to be a record for me.)

Hey Gazoo we are in disagreement on a couple of games. Mostly I just like upsets, so here they are:

Giants over Dallas Can’t see it any other way.

Indy over Miami This should be interesting, just to see who throws more INTs for TDs :D. I think Manning’s just been off, give this one to Indy.

My upsets I spoke of earlier: Jets beat the Steelers and Seattle beats Denver.

I wouldn’t be a true fan if I din’t call Niners over the Rams. Not ot mention I think they’ll pull it off.

I like your call in the Bears game. Prediction, they’ll lose their first playoff game. Chi fans will say it’s because they got rusty during the bye.

Good picks except:
Giants over Dall.
Jets over Pitt.
Minn over Tenn.

Oops forgot the OMNI again.



Sure: Giants

Great call on the Rams-49ers game, Gazoo. Just wanted to make it known that I support you 100% in your pick this week.

(I’m saying that because the last two times I questioned your pick or the spread or the score, the Rams lost.)

Nothing to question this time though, nosiree. You nailed it. You hear that football gods? I’m saying Gazoo nailed it. I am agreeing, for the record, with Gazoo’s pick!

ATS: Redskins, Eagles, Lions, Dolphins, Broncos.

Lions: not only has it been a long time since they’ve won; it’s also been awhile since anyone’s beaten them by a lot, regardless of the opponent. I’d bet on them to lose squeakers until they either win or get blown out.

Ummm, sorry. No chance in hell. The Jets are the worst team in playoff contention in the league. They have Curtis Martin and nothing else. I have no idea how they’ve made it this far, but just like when Marino killed them for 2 years with the fake spike/TD pass, last week’s loss was their last gasp!

I am sorry if this is a hijack but. . .

When was the last game that the Rams weren’t the favorite?

The first San Fransico game in the '99 Super Bowl season?