NFL Week 1

Football season is finally here for realsies. This is the first time we’ve started a season without Tom Brady and Peyton Manning since 1997. Although since Manning only missed one season opening a few years ago, you can substitute Brady for anyone who started in 2011.

This is the first year we’ve started a season without Peyton Manning or Christian Ponder since 1997. Still, it feels weird.

We’re still looking for people to join our Pick 'em and Survival leagues. If you miss that before tonight missing one game isn’t really a big deal, you can still join. In fact missing a week isn’t even a big deal - we drop the worst weeks in case someone misses one entirely.

I started a Fantasy Football season discussion thread


CAR @ DEN +3 / 40.5

Sunday early

GB @ JAX +5.5 / 48
BUF @ BAL -3 / 44.5
CHI @ HOU -6 / 44
CLE @ PHI -3.5 / 41
TB @ ATL -3 / 47.5
MIN @ TEN +2.5 / 41
CIN @ NYJ +2.5 / 42
OAK @ NO -1.5 / 51
SD @ KC -6.5 / 44

Sunday late

MIA @ SEA -10 / 44
DET @ IND -3.5 / 51
NYG @ DAL EV / 46

NE @ ARI -6 / 47

PIT @ WAS +3 / 50
LA @ SF +2.5 / 43

It’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back!

At 8:30 tonight, I get to send out “The baloney stops here.” But I don’t use the word baloney.

I’m very intrigued by tonight’s game. Mostly I want to see how Cam recovers from the beating he took at the Super Bowl.

Personally, I think Cam is going to regress quite a bit this year. Just looking at his raw stats from last year, he really racked up the stats against bad defensive teams. His five touchdown/300 yards passing games were against the Saints (worst PPG team in the league last year), the Giants (3rd worst), and Washington’s professional football team (16th). He also had good games against the Bucs (7th worst), Titans (6th worst), and Atlanta (19th). His defense got him 39 turnovers last year (best in the NFL, 6 more than the next highest team), and that doesn’t include the whopping 7 they got him in the playoff game against the Cards last year.

Carolina has the 12th most difficult schedule this year. They’ll have to face some pretty good (presumptively) defenses this year, including the Broncos/Chiefs/Vikings/Cards. He’ll still get to feast on the the Bucs, Falcons and Chargers, but I think it will be a tougher year for him this year. I think he’ll go back to what he usually is: 3400 yards, 20 td’s, mid 80’s passer rating and be in the 7th -12th highest rated QB.

A lot when very right for him last year, it will be interesting to see how this year goes.

Can’t believe Denver is only getting 3. I know they’re home and have an awesome defense, but I wonder how they’ll put up any points.

And the winner of CLE @ PHI could be the loser of the 1st over all draft pick in 2017.

Well Philly traded their first to Cleveland (and then got another from Minnesota), so it’s double-good for the Browns if they win.

El-Ahrairahwill lead the Panthersto victory.

Seriously, WTF is up with that marketing?

Like a parched man in the desert, I finally see the oasis…

NFL is half back, it won’t be officially back until sunday.

Panthers defense is letting a rookie QB do whatever he wants:smack:

Cam Newton still showboating and acting like a jerk.

wonder why denver defense is not as tough as last season. Did they lose someone?

Awful lot of 12-man penalties and timeouts for the Denver D…wassup, Wade?

Good Half Carolina

The Denver QB actually looks pretty good given the circumstances. This is as good of a performance as you could expect out of a 7th round pick.

refs doing everything they can to help denver win this game.

And Denver did everything they could to give it away. A dramatic ending for opening night, and they put Cam through the meatgrinder.

I was able to see that passing is not one of Cam’s strength

Then explain the personal foul on #68 for Carolina. It wasn’t a late hit, because he was the first Panther to touch the Denver player who intercepted the pass. And it couldn’t have been unnecessary roughness, because he did his best to roll over the guy, even though a Denver player was tackling him.

It only takes one flag to turn a game around for a team who is losing and that’s what happened when denver was down 17-7

Fullback run, halfback run, and halfback pass.

Despite all of the supposed NFL concussion protocols, and despite Cam Netwon being hit in the head four times during the game, nobody asked him to enter the concussion protocol.