NFL Week 16

I really don’t have anything to say except: Whoop! :);):slight_smile: GO :);):slight_smile: CHARGERS!!! :);):slight_smile:

Can’t argue with that. An SD win or a NE loss this week gives the Bolts a first round bye in the playoffs.

Stupid NY teams and their mid-season swoons. As a Giants and Jets fan, I am officially rooting hard for:

Giants over Panthers
Redskins over Cowboys
Seahawks over Packers

Jets over Colts
Patriots over Jaguars
Eagles over Broncos (barf)
Steelers over Ravens
Texans over Dolphins

Looks like I have a vested rooting interest in 8 of 16 games. Luckily, the odds of 8 games going your way isn’t astronomically small. Well, it is if you compare it against something common like spontaneously being teleported to a moon of Jupiter, but you know what I mean.

Go bengals, stop committing drive killing penalties and make the damn playoffs already!!!

I can’t say I’m rooting against the Bears. But I wouldn’t mind the Vikings handing us an embarrassing loss on Monday night if that means Angelo/Lovie are fired sooner.

Last Sunday? Those were the Bengals I knew and loved. I don’t know who these new guys are, but I really hope they make the playoffs anyway.

Yep, that about sums it up. :slight_smile:

Ho HO! Never thought I’d see the day. Plenty of room on the bandwagon if you want to hop aboard. I imagine it’s tempting this time of year! :smiley:

On the serious side, does an Eagles win really help you at all? Especially against an AFC opponent? I can’t imagine it would.

It helps keep Dallas out, so maybe that’s the thought.

The Cardinals have an easy game against the Rams. So, let’s actually make it an easy game. Get Warner and Fitz out of the game early. The Rams are probably going to start a 3rd string quarterback. Let’s take our win and get ready for the playoffs.

Hard to have a discussion when the OP has already made every salient point on the issue.

I can’t even throw in a cheer for whoever’s playing Dallas, because even though Washington is one spot below the 'Boys at #2 on my list of hated teams, I just can’t say the words “go Redskins” with any conviction. Looks like I’ve got no other choice but to resort to that much-maligned old standby…


I think it is because it helps keep the Jets playoff hopes alive.

Wow that AFC wild card race is crazy. 6 teams at 7-7 still alive and hoping the Pennsylvania teams win to bring those 8-6 teams down.

The only problem is, they’ve won enough games overall to give you that “gee, I wonder which team will show up on offense?” vibe. Their defense is fairly stout. The offense is a work in progress.

Merry Christmas, NFL lovers.


I’m very conflicted this week. I hate Favre and want him to implode in grand fashion on MNF against the Bears and I always want the Bears to win divisional games, but I can’t stomach the thought that a strong finish could save either Lovie or Angelo’s jobs.

I wants me some Heimerdinger!

Crossposted from my thread:

I typically don’t jinx the Steelers by talking about stuff like this, but they have done me wrong so many times this year that I don’t feel bad in bringing it up.

The Steelers playoff scenario comes down to this (all have to happen this week):

They win at Baltimore

The Jets lose to the Colts
The Titans lose to the Dolphins
The Jaguars lose to the Patriots
The Broncos lose to the Eagles

If that happens, believe it or not, the Steelers are win-and-in going into the last week against the Dolphins.

Here’s the good news, though: all four of the teams that must lose are underdogs.

I think the Steelers have a hell of a chance. There are other scenarios, but all of them depend entirely upon Pittsburgh winning out.

The Titans are playing the Chargers, not the Dolphins. I would suspect you just mixed up the teams, but considering the Dolphins are also in the wild card race as far as I know, that may be significant.

Random NFL-related question. Am I the only one who thinks Vince Young’s throws somehow look different than any other QB out there? It’s hard to describe exactly what’s going on - I don’t think it’s pure velocity because other QBs throw it pretty hard. But something just seems different when he lets go of the football, like he’s playing under different gravity than everyone else or he’s throwing a different ball. I can’t quite describe it.

His mechanics are different. His release is much lower than that of quarterbacks that are taught the traditional manner. It makes it look like the ball is rising for a lot longer, like he’s floating it.

Go Titans!

I’m curious the scenario that would allow them to make the playoffs. I think they lose every tiebreaker outside of Miami and maybe Houston.

If memory serves me right, he’s 6’5". When he makes his throwing motion, it’s like he dips down, making himself effectively much shorter. I think what you’re seeing, and what I’ve noticed as well watching some of him throwing recently, is the long, hard work of people trying to break him of that habit.

His throwing motion is the anti-Drew Brees. Where he gets up on his tiptoes for a lot of his throws, Young brings himself down.
Go Bucs! Come on, Lions. You can get this right. This is where you keep on losing.