NFL Week 17

I didn’t see a thread started yet. Take a good look at some of the games this week and think if you really want an 18 game season. Lots of 3rd string quarterbacks out there.

I have no idea why Phoenix is getting the Steelers/Browns blowout as an early game. Probably because of all the Midwestern transplants here. I’d say after this debacle, Mangini is gone. The Browns has quit.

You realize that the last week is going to see backups regardless if it’s a 10 game or 50 game season don’t you?

Lions look pretty solid for 4 (!!!) wins in a row.

There will always be backups playing for teams who have locked down their playoff spot. But backups playing because of injuries will get even worse with a longer season.

Four months to baseball.

I count exactly 3 teams in such a situation, and 2 of those have been out since before midseason. 4 if Hasselbeck is out and his injury is minor. Lets not pretend there’s an epidemic.

I’ve got Kerry Collins starting in Tennessee because Vince Young is injured. Kevin Kolb starting in Philly because Vick is hurt. Stephen McGee starting for Dallas because Kitna is hurt and Romo is done. Clausen starting for the Panthers because Matt Moore is hurt. Joe Webb for the Vikings because Favre and Jackson are hurt. Brohm for the Bills because Fitzpatrick is hurt. Shaun Hill for the Lions since Stafford is hurt.

Tim Tebow is starting for Denver. I don’t know if Orton could start this week. Same thing for McCoy in Cleveland. They’ve left McCoy in during a complete blowout.

We’ll see if Hasselback starts or not.

ugh watching Jimmy Clausen try to throw is sad. Maybe they can sign Brett Favre for next season

Well my Steelers got their bye. In the end, all of the Steeler’s fans at my place were rooting for a Brown’s touchdown.

Rich Seubert gets carted off…fuck beans.


Bears don’t seem to be phoning it in right now. As long as it stays this tight, I think Lovie’s gonna keep the starters out there.

Seattle playing for a playoff berth in two hours. I believe it will be the last playoff spot of the season to be decided. GO SEAHAWKS!!!

On a side note, Indy and Tennessee are fighting for the division and are tied so I’m watching the Chargers blow out the Broncos :rolleyes:

Way for Lovie to screw his own team with a time out. Now the Packers get to to go to Philly next week and get raped in the ass by Mike Vick.


I’ll admit, I’ll be watching the Rams/Seahawks tonight for as long as I can stay awake. Just to see what happens. But the Redskins are out, the Broncos are out, and the Avalanche and the Blues aren’t looking too hot either.

Bring on yet another horrible Orioles season! I’m ready.

Slight correction. Kolb would have started if Vick were completely healthy (He ain’t, but he was healthy enough to finish the game last week.) Kolb started because the game didn’t mean anything. The same reason why the Eagles played with 90% of their starters in street clothes.

This win won me ten bucks. I bet on them getting six wins with a coworker and he thought I was crazy. I like to think that it was my ten dollars that they were playing for. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch that if they played in the NFC west, they’d be in the playoffs.

I’m interested in what they do next year. That team has a horrible history of losing that they need to overcome. I hope that there has been enough turnover for them to overcome that and perhaps even compete for a playoff spot next year. They certainly have the talent.

Depends how you look at it. The Super Bowl is February 6, the Patriots’ victory parade is February 8, the Red Sox’ Truck Day is February 12. So the offseason is really only 4 days long. :smiley:

C’mon. You’re a Vikings fan. You should be used to having nothing to root for by this time of the season.

Nice to the Bears trying and failing to keep the Packers out of the playoffs. Not only is it a sign of the best rivalry in the NFL, but also a sign that Lovie Smith would rather end up playing the Giants in the post season than the Pack.

Which, looking at the numbers, isn’t surprising, when the Packers, despite 6 losses, are second only to the Pats in points differential.

But… why? I was hoping for single digits, and sure enough, I got my wish.