NFL Week 17

Sunday early


Sunday late


I’m too lazy to look up what games are significant for playoff spots but if anyone wants to add those feel free.

from this page:

So, basically, the games to watch are the Jax v Ten, Buf v Mia, and Car v Atl games late. The Ari v Sea and Cin v Bal games are of lesser importance. And, of course, only die-hard fans of one or the other club should ever watch Oak v LAC. :smiley:

Packer’s offense is not doing so well (two turnovers), but at least the defense is playing OK and they won’t be shut out…
(I’m more watching ski jumping)


Green Bay’s results minus Aaron Rodgers show just how thin they really are. Philly doing MUCH better with their backup.

Jeez, the Bengals (so far) are running all over the Baltimore defense on the ground…mostly due to great oline play…and most of the oline is backups, of course. If we’d had this oline all season we’d be looking at the playoffs.

Ah well, playing spoiler is something I guess.

go raiders … the day I root for the chargers is the day it snows in the high desert in mid july …

BTW, did anyone see Alvin Kamara’s return for a TD? Go find it and watch it. He’s just inside the endzone, hesitates like he’s going to kneel, which fools the entire TB cover team, then blasts through the middle of the field, then to the sideline, for a 106 yard TD.

Pretty amazing stuff. Kid’s got to be damn near a lock for OROY.

Pagano is out as coach of the Colts.

Cheering for Flacco and Bortles simultaneously is very depressing.

Stop cheering for Flacco!

I don’t want to cheer for him.

Holy cow, you see the Buffalo-Miami melee!

Did you see the Bengals score a TD on 4th and 12 with no timeouts with under a minute to play to ice the Ravens out of the playoffs?

As a Bills fan, yes, yes I did. :smiley:

We DID see the Bengals score a TD on 4th and 12 with no timeouts with under a minute to play to ice the Ravens out of the playoffs! Terrible coverage and tackling, but pretty damned exciting!

Awesome for the Bills. First playoff appearance in almost 20 years. Objectively, it’s kinda hard to see them advancing, but you never know. I’ll be rooting for them though.

I keep imagining the Bills players huddled around a TV in their locker room watching the Bengals almost Bungle their final drive, only to pull it out at the end in spectacular fashion, and the locker room erupting with joy. I wish I could have seen that.

ETA: I just hope that these last two meaningless wins for the Bengals, which hurt their draft position, isn’t something Mike Brown will think is a positive enough thing to keep Marvin Lewis employed there.

I was rooting for the Bungles, I think for the first time since my HS girlfriend was still a - never mind. A long time. And they pulled it off! Great joy.

Was at the Steelers game today. Felt bad for the Brownies. Especially after NE was up 20-something to 3, I was almost cheering for them too. Weird day. Maybe it’s the flu or something.

Well yeah, you being a Stealers fan and with the bad blood between the Ratbirds and your team, I can imagine feeling a little better not facing the prospect of having to play them. The rest of the field is pretty weak, with only the Jags looking like they could do something. But they’d be playing at Heinz field, in the cold. I don’t like their chances in that one.

It looks like the Pats road to the AFC champ game is equally “easy”. Obviously anything can happen, but it looks that way on paper for both teams.

I find myself in a weird position, gravitating towards rooting for the NFC this playoffs. I like the Saints because of their remarkable turnaround, and also the Vikings because I love Mike Zimmer (and wish the Bengals had never let him get away).

Congrats to the Bills for finally making it in. They don’t look to have much of a shot, but I was rooting for the Chargers to take that spot, so who am I to judge. I guess beating the Jags wouldn’t be that big of a surprise - Jacksonville has had a few games this year where they didn’t look great.