NFL Week 2


Sunday early early
CAR @ ATL -3
LAC -7.5 @ BUF
MIN @ GB -2.5
CLE @ NO -7.5
MIA @ NYJ -1
KC @ PIT -5.5
PHI -3 @ TB
IND @ WAS -3.5

Sunday late
ARI @ LAR -10
DET @ SF -3.5
OAK @ DEN -4

The 10000th NYG @ DAL -3 primetime game

SEA @ CHI -3

Tonight’s game should be interesting to AFCN fans. Two teams enter. One leaves in first place.

It’s kinda tough to figure out. Baltimore absolutely shredded Buffalo, but they’re the Bills and they aren’t any good.

It’s Cincinnati’s home opener…can they get Mixon going again behind their “revamped” o-line? Can Cincinnati’s defensive front get pressure on Flacco? Will the Ravens try to use gadget Lamar Randle-El plays?

Bengals 32-Ravens 27

No line seems a bit weird, I’d probably set it at like Bal +2.5. I think they’ll beat that margin.

Washington has a tougher game than they seem to think. Confidence is pretty high after last week’s dominating performance against the Cardinals, but-- it was the Cards. Was just like beating up on them when they were in the NFC East.

I don’t know much about the Colts besides Luck and TY Hilton. Do they still have Vinatieri? I think Frank Gore has moved on, right? Their defense was awful last season, and their passing defense got lit up by Andy Dalton last week.

Washington’s defense was good against Sam Bradford, but, again-- it was Sam Bradford. While I am not as impressed with Luck as most are, there is no doubt he’s clearly many heads and helmets above Sam Bradford when it comes to NFL quarterbacking.

All indications seem to point to Washington winning this at home in a laugher, but those are exactly the types of games where this team has traditionally (in the Dan Snyder era) shrunk from the occasion and shit the sheets big time.

Mirage & Caesars had it at Bal -1.

Houston -2 from the above link seems like a good bet, despite the egg they laid at Foxboro last week.

Denver is already up to -6, from the -4 in your cite, and I think I’d still take them.

Wow, I thought the Browns were getting 10 last I looked. 7.5 still seems like a bit much, I’m hoping Tyrod can throw the ball with some consistency in the confines of the Superdome.

Well, Ryan Fitzpatrick could!


Kind of sad in a way that the Bills aren’t giving Peterman a chance to avenge his 5-interception half against the Chargers. I guess it’s a good situation for Allen, in the sense that to be an improvement he just has to have less than 35% of his throws picked off.

Flacco channeling his 2013 playoff run with a underthrown pass.over the middle into double coverage that goes through a defenders arms for a long completion. Dude turned being great for a 4 game run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bengals 2-0! Showed some grit against Baltimore too.

The Bengals might be better than I thought because I legit thought they could be worse than the Browns this year. But I doubt you’ll get many (if any) more 4 TD games out of Andy Dalton.

Maybe, maybe not. The Bengals offense looks pretty dynamic with Mixon in there and Dalton spreading the ball around. Tyler Boyd had a big game. Collectively the TE’s were good. As Eifert continues to demonstrate he can stay healthy he’ll get more involved in the offense.

On defense we’ve definitely got some playmakers, and Burfict isn’t even back yet.

Dalton’s good enough to not drag down a good team. I’m intrigued by the Bengals this season and I’m interested in seeing if they finally get a playoff win.

Totally agree. He was in the MVP discussion in 2015 until he broke his thumb tackling a defender that had picked him off. His season ended there with 25 TD’s against 7 INT’s and had a 66.1% completions rate and an 8.4 yards per throw average.

I have my concerns (the injury to the starting center, rookie Billy Price, chief among them). Will John Ross ever be worth the #9 overall pick? He seems kinda lost out there, like he has no confidence. Bobby Hart is not a very good RT either. Cedric Ogbuehi muat be the highest paid inactive player in the NFL.

We need Burfict and Preston Brown back in a big way. Our LB play, especially in TE coverage has been pretty shitty. We are solid up front on defense and our CB’s are good (Kirkpatrick, Dennard) to great (WJIII). Both our safeties grabbed a pick. Bates looks like a gamer (and a bit of a gambler) back there. Williams will knock your dick in the dirt (or hit your high priced QB in the head and get ejected).

Josh Gordon out with a hamstring.

Maybe it’s legit, but wow, I’d leave my umbrella at home if this guy told me it was raining.

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, the Browns are releasing him on Monday.

Too late to edit, but it seems Gordon showed up late to practice and ‘wasn’t himself.’

No, he really is not. The entire Giants offensive line was atrocious for the past three years, and Bobby Hart was the starting RT all three of those years.

Unfortunately for the Giants, they replaced Hart with someone who may actually be worse: The guy who used to start at LT during those years, Ereck Flowers, was moved over to RT. Flowers was a historically bad LT, but the story was always that RT was his natural position so the hope was he wouldn’t stink up the joint this year. While he didn’t quite single-handedly lose the game for the Giants last week, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Just horrible.

Shame about Gordon. I love me a good redemption story, so I was rooting for him. But it appears his issues run too deep for now. Here’s hoping he finds some measure of peace and resilience to conquer his demons.

Interesting observation: The NFL has been having London games for at least 10 years now. It’s Sunday night in the UK, there’s not a mention of the NFL on the BBC sport or Sky Sport webpages and apps.