NFL Week 4

The Arizona Cardinals are truly playing a horrible game today. I’m hoping they pull Warner and give Leinart the second half. This is the Warner I’ve dreaded. The fumbles are back.

Unfortunately, there was a horrible looking injury to Anquan Boldin in the last minute of the game.

The honeymoon is over for Aaron Rogers. The win over the Lions (which some High School teams could probably beat*) gave him a false sense of security maybe. And he got hurt already. Though I do have to say that one of the interceptions wasn’t his fault.

*OK maybe an exageration, but I think everyone agrees that beating the Lions isn’t a good test of competance.

The news on Boldin is that he is okay. He didn’t even want to go on the board, but they made him. He does have movement and feeling in all of his extremities. He’s a great receiver, hopefully he will be fine.

I can’t believe the Chiefs finally won, and against Denver of all teams! Hooray for Huard not throwing any picks and for Larry Johnson having a great game. They finally looked like the team we have the talent to be, especially on offense. We were a bit excessive on the field goals, though. Hopefully we can put some more of those in the end zone next week.

Even the most diehard Cards fans would have felt the same way if Coles would have been hurt at the last minute of a blowout game.

I’m old enough (close to 40) to have seen the Theisman injury. No NFL fan wants injuries. I’m the biggest Cardinals fan you’ll ever meet, but I did not want Favre to get hurt today. Intercepted? Sure. But not hurt.

My Bills are 4-0 for the first time since 1992. I’m actually starting to enjoy this season. It’s been a while. Once again they fell behind early, but Trent Edwards just has this uncanny ability to make the biggest plays when his team needs them the most. That bomb to Lee Evans was stellar. Defense looked porous against screen passes–I’d imagine that they’ll spend some time in the film room looking at that for next week. But again, they made the plays when they had to.

In other news, they should put up some sort of disclaimer on Matt Bryant’s post-game press conference. Pregnant women should NOT be watching that–I haven’t been all that hormonal but it made me cry nonetheless. Really, I can’t imagine there was a dry eye in the house for that. It was heart-rending.

Washington. Goddam. Redskins!


So much for “the best team in the NFC.” Campbell is night and day compared to last year. I think Zorn’s a better coach for him than Gibbs was. I was not expecting this at all, but damn I’m pleased. :slight_smile:

Were the Cowboys running a 3-4? You don’t see that a lot these days.

The 3-4’s not all that rare these days; like most things in football its popularity waxes and wanes as teams copy other successful schemes.

The Cowboys’ base has been a 3-4 for several years now. The Steelers, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Texans, and Browns have all used it to varying degrees recently (with the first four using it almost exclusively) as well.

I thought the 3-4 was more vulnerable to the west-coast style offenses. Then again I don’t know a hell of a lot about football, which is why I don’t often post to these threads.

The Panthers whupped the Falcons today to go 3-1. Good start to the season. Two key O-linemen (Gross and Otah) left with injuries, but neither appear to be overly serious. The Panthers’ D is good, and they some real promising young talent. J. Beason, T. Davis, R. Marshall and C. Godfrey are all very good players. The O is more balanced this year, with Jonathan Stewart looking like a great pick in the 1st Round, and good old Muhsin Muhammad providing a second WR threat.

Ahh, none of us do. Some of us just like to talk more than others.

It always depends on the personnel, I guess. There have certainly been great defenses that played the 3-4 in recent years, with the Super Bowl Ravens, Steelers, and Patriots teams being the first that jump to mind. Of course, there have been terrible ones, too.

I think a proponent of a 3-4 style defense might say that a 3-4 is better at disrupting that kind of spread out passing game because the quarterback and his blockers would have more trouble identifying where the blitz is coming from. If you have the right guys in there, you can really put together a very disruptive defense with guys like Shawn Merriman or Demarcus Ware (or Peter Boulware, or Jerry Porter, or Mike Vrabel, or, hell, Lawrence Taylor) rushing from the outside.

It’s days like today that I wonder why I am a Raiders fan. It’s stupid that we lost another game due to falling apart in the 4th quarter.

On the upside, the accused Broncos lost to the Chiefs. I know I am nuts, but I am holding out hope that we will turn into the team that we seem capable of being after next weeks bye.

The Ravens’ Super Bowl team ran a 4-3. They went to the 3-4 after Marvin Lewis left to become the Redskins’ defensive coordinator in 2002 (and Bengals’ HC in 2003), and have since returned to the 4-3 under Rex Ryan.

The Texans, Dolphins and 49ers also use it about half the time.

The knock on Warner is that he’s a stats guy who will hold the ball too long looking for an open receiver. This results in lots of sacks and fumbles, but those don’t show up in the passer rating.

That’s why he was benched in New York despite being 5-4 and in the playoff hunt after an impressive 5-2 start. He gave up five sacks to the Vikings in a decisive 34-13 win in week 8, then seven (!) to the Bears in a loss in week 9. The final straw was week 10 against the lowly Cardinals, where he let up six in an unforgiveable loss.

18 sacks in three games = Hello, Eli! As further evidence that sacks can be blamed on the QB, Eli’s first start was in week 11 against a Falcons team that led the league in sacks that year with 48, but Eli only surrendered one.

Damn, it was a good day, was it not?

The Gibbs II-era Redskins would have found a way to lose that game. Even going back to Schotty’s time with the team, this is a franchise that could not hold on to a lead. But in all of the victories so far this year it seems that the 'Skins are playing lights out on D and can move the ball. I’m getting quietly excited… For all the shit Snyder has taken over the years maybe he finally found the right guy?

I’m excited too, but I just can’t seem to do it quietly. Hail to the Redskins!

Damn, there I go again. :smiley:

THE CINCINNATI BENGALS…The Cincinnati Bengals…the cincinnati bengals…The Cincinnati Bengals…


Who-dey? Who-dey? Who-dey think they’re… possibly going to lose to them Bengals?

I am going to write to CBS and blast them for showing such a terrible game on Sunday at 1.

Browns won, yeah, but we looked like shiiiiiiiiiiiit (which doesn’t say much for the Bengals, I know)

I’d be thanking my stars you’ve got a guy on offense with half a brain (ie. Jamal Lewis) to walk over and get Braylon Edwards away from Derek Anderson.

The look on his (Lewis’) face was priceless- as though he was picking up a dog turd with a paper napkin and averting his face so he wouldn’t smell it.