NFL Week 8

So far, I’m very impressed by the Arizona Cardinals this week. Winning 10-0 against Carolina on the road and in the Eastern time zone.

The Browns are apparently better without Winslow. Great.

I keep thinking that Martz will realize that O’Sullivan is a turnover machine that costs the 49ers more games than he will ever win, AND that he has a Pro Bowl caliber runningback who should carry the ball a ton more. Fuck his “genius”, he’s a dipshit.

Luckily, I’m not a 49er fan.

Wow, there are some killer hits in the Pittsburg/NYG game. Ouch.

And, of course, the Chargers continue their proud long-standing tradition of losing on the last drive with one second left on the clock. I swear these boys are going to give me a heart attack before the season is out.

[Armchair Norv]

Rivers, calm the hell down on the screens. Also, quit throwing deep into triple coverage…Jackson’s usually good for it, but that shit is dangerous (lesson learned today, I hope). D-line, get some pressure going; Brees had all day on nearly every passing down. Backs and safeties, cover somebody. I don’t care who; pick an eligible receiver and stick to him…WAY too many catches with no defenders within 5 yards. Finally, all of you, knock it off with the dumbass penalties. Two delay-of-games, excessive celebration, unsportsmanlike for a totally unnecessary shove of Brees; this stuff loses games. We’re better than that.


And on top of that, I had to watch Washington AND Dallas win. This has not been a good day.

The Cowboy’s new punter can really put a lick on a returner.

Eli needs to stop listening to Chris Webber.

That was sweet

Click on the little picture of the punter (#2 on the jersey)


The Steelers are giving this game away…making me sick.

You mean they’ve turned into the Arizona Cardinals?

I was at the Panthers-Cardinals game. Great game. The Cardinals look good, but the Panthers have something special going on this year. They’re getting the breaks when they need them (Beason’s interception to stop a drive that look destined for a TD as an example.) Warner was moving them down field at will. Fitzgerald is a beast and I was really impressed with Boldin coming back so soon and playing so fearlessly. Just a great all around game to see live.

How many people think Edge is going to be back next year in Arizona?
He once again started grumbling about getting more carries, then, the next game comes he coughs up a fumble what very well might have cost Arizona the game. Remember the Bears game two years ago? yeah James Coughed one up then as well.

I have to say it was a damn fine game to watch. With the 49ers and Rams getting beat 'Zona still have a nice lead in the NFC West.

Yeah, you gotta love that.

Of course, a dumb fake field goal and a missed extra point also helped the Panthers.

I doubt Edge is back next year. The Cards need to do everything they can to get home field advantage for at least one game in the playoffs as this team always struggles on the East coast. I’m also anxious to see if Boldin is back next season. Somehow, I think the offseason will bring back the contract complaints.

Oh "zona is going to have off season problems. Boldin, Dockett, Dansby, and Wilson all needing to have their contracts addressed.

Fitz might be the WR who makes the spectacular catched, but Boldin is the heart of the team, I would really hate to see him go. With the other Wrs stepping up and playing well, I fear Boldin will be dangled as trade.

Edge is easier to replace, he is a solid back when given the rock repeatedly, but Hightower and Arrington are home grown and doing reasonably well.

Hightower is averaging 2.7 yards per carry. With defenses totally unable to stack the box, he should be doing a whole lot better. Obviously, Edge isn’t doing any better, but he’s 30 years old.

The anticipated crop of free agent tailbacks for next year is horrible:

J.J. Arrington, UFA, Arizona Cardinals
Correll Buckhalter, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
Jesse Chatman, UFA, New York Jets
Heath Evans, UFA, New England Patriots
Ryan Moats, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
Maurice Morris, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
Darren Sproles, UFA, San Diego Chargers
Aaron Stecker, UFA, New Orleans Saints
Ricky Williams, UFA, Miami Dolphins

Brandon Jacobs is in the last year of his contract, but I think we all know he’s getting re-signed. I think Edge, Thomas Jones and Larry Johnson will all be released or traded, but I don’t think the Cards can take on Johnson’s contract and obviously they’re not likely to go after Jones.

IOW, better hope they can draft a good one. C.J. Spiller, maybe?

Forgot to add:

I’m not sure it’s worth holding onto Boldin. If Warner stays for another year, then sure, but otherwise, you’re going to have two premier wideouts and an excellent #3 (Breaston, who’s looked like a future star this year) with nobody to throw them the ball. Leinart is just not going to get it done.

I don’t understand why you’d even want a free agent RB with any mileage on him. Just use a late-round draft pick.