NHL December 2018

So, the Leafs finally sign William Nylander at the deadline.

This is going to be fun.

Darling is on waivers; Chicago should grab him.

Knights are gonna beat the Oilers tonight! I’m predicting 4-1!

ETA: And grats on Nylander, Leaffan!

The Leafs are going to win the Stanley Cup this year.
I’m not kidding.

Well there goes that! :mad::stuck_out_tongue:

Koskinen just too much for the Knights tonight. Good job, Oilers!

holy balls, for once all of the Red Wings showed up for all three periods. Witz leveling Krejci and Bertuzzi running traffic in front of the net are the kinds of gritty plays they’ve lacked for a while now.

My BLUES are on a quick downward spiral.

Only Player worth a fuck right now is the newly (this year) acquired Ryan O’riely.

My new adopted team is…

Toronto !

Seattle’s gonna be a thing.

i don’t see any new news… whatcha got?

ETA: Got it: https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/hockey/after-years-of-trying-and-a-cast-of-characters-in-between-the-nhl-will-finally-put-a-team-in-seattle/

Oh yeah! Take that that Caps! And this for you, Wilson!

So, I just saw that hit on Wilson. I hope that Reaves does not get suspended for it. Yes it was a bit late but the head was not the primary point of contact. The hypocrisy of the Caps to complain about that hit is not a good look.

Hopefully this will be the last fix for the expansion-addicted owners. 32 teams is plenty enough. But I fear they won’t stop until they get to 64, if ever.

I think this ends expansion for now. There will be discussion of buying and/or moving teams for decades to come.

I haven’t kept my ear to the ground-er, ice-for a while, but I assume it has already gotten to the point where each team doesn’t host every other team at least once in the season. Even with 82 games and only 31 teams, that would be 60 games right there, since each team would have both a home and an an away game against each of the other 30. Certainly, with four 8-team divisions, even four games against the division opponents and two against the other 24 is 72.

Sorry about the double post - missed the edit window.

Looks like I was wrong about not playing every team home and away at least once.

Still, I assume they’ll have to add two games to the schedule to get it to work out - 4 games against division teams, 3 against the other division in the same conference, and 2 against the other conference.

No suspension!

The first time they tangled yesterday was more entertaining, tho: Reaves checks Wilson to to the ground right in the middle of the defensive zone, takes the puck from him to mid-ice where he fends off an Ovechkin slam against the boards. Reaves veers back to center where Wilson tries to late check him, only to get upended and hit the ice hard, right on his ass, while Reaves visibly laughs and taunts Wilson* as play is stopped. A referee skate-pushes Reaves away.

*This is the single greatest hockey moment since Fleury tickled Blake Wheeler’s ear last season.

I’m hoping they name them the “Starpucks” - its aspirational with nods to both the sport and the city :slight_smile:

Plus, the Pacific Division would have the Canucks, Ducks & Pucks…

Or in keeping with non-plural names like Lightning and Wild, how about the Seattle Slew?

The Seattle Sleepless would be a multi-prong homage to the city.

Nah, seriously: I’m pulling for the Seattle Kraken, with dark green and blue as colors.

I think the Seattle Sea Lions would be pretty cool.

How about the Seattle Geoducks?