NHL: February 2022

New month, new thread. And, since the NHL won’t be going to the Olympics, there will be a lot of make up games from all the cancelled Covid games.

Alex Ovechkin is in the Covid protocol and will miss tonight as well as the All Star Game. At least he’s not going to get suspended for missing the All Star Game.

Now that piece of garbage, Tom Wilson is going to be to the captain for the Metro. Now I’m seriously debating if I should watch. :nauseated_face:

This is just the most laughably blankety-blank ridiculous “evil bastard straight out of central casting” el-shmuck-o-face that you can possibly, humanly get.

scroll down to pt. 4…warning: dumb-ass gross…I didn’t even finish it, it was so ludicrous…

Here’s his later-on retraction:

Pretty sure the bolded indicates he still might not address the questions asked.

ETA: Sorry - shoulda mentioned that chairman Rocky Wirtz (gipper name!) was ‘dealing’ with questions about abused player Kyle Beach, as well as addressing trying to improve the overall climate of trust and leadership.

Tom Wilson is replacing Ovechkin as a player. Claude Giroux is replacing Ovechkin as team captain.

Yeah, I saw that. I still hate that fucking thug.

Six game suspension for Brad Marchand for roughing and high-sticking the Penguins goalie. Anyone outside of Boston think that was too many?

The best way to not be punished as a repeat offender is to not be a repeat offender.

Huh, just finding out about this.
From this areal view we see a quick chirp form Murray at The Little Puke…

…but what he possibly could have said (“you’re too short even for your mom”?) to warrant not just a post-whistle punch but also a sticked visor is anybody’s guess with this demented twerp (who, if only he dropped all this scummy weaselry, could have, instead, been acknowledged as a dynamic top ten scorer…but…oh well).
At first I thought more, but then I thought, yeah, five, and only because Murray suffered no injury.

With Tippet, I was surprised his record over his two years in Edmonton was 96-62-14, which might be nothing to write home about, but nor is it .500, which is what I was totally expecting. Totally a case of a perfectly good coach who wasn’t exactly dealt the best hand with the group he had to work with; hopefully finds work again soon.

Heh, I remember some of his post-games…sure, a tired, end-of-the-road feel goin on.

Looks the NHL is determined to keep the Yotes in Arizona, it’s official

Bettman will never admit defeat on the Phoenix thing. To be fair, the whole experience in the desert has been ‘odoriferous’ to say the least. I do think that they deserve a shot in a hockey building that is near where people live, and not a chore to get to (my understanding of the current building). The only problem is that should have happened 10+ years ago.

Damn - way too late to do this - should’ve been in my previous post.

(no - nothing to do with the current Marchand thing - just wanted to show the tacky intro) :slightly_smiling_face:

Hearing a lot of buzz that Marchand should’ve gotten closer to, like, 20 games, because this is now his (I think) tenth suspension, which is, sure, gross, and that only that severe an infraction might make him finally come to his senses, especially with wage loss, and the prospect of - what? - maybe a 30-game suspension next time around.

Makes me want the Pens to hire Matt Cooke as an assistant coach or something. Just so he can sit on the bench and star at Bruins fans.


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(It’s also Jaromir Jagr’s 50th birthday. Fate?)

Not NHL, but this is maybe one of the most outlandish things I think I’ve ever seen…

Sure, Paul Holmgren one time took out Andy Van Hellemond back in the day, but I thought we’d kinda evolved a bit from that…

The Blackhawks have finally parted ways with Bobby Hull.

Amazing he lasted so long, it was back in 1998 when he said that Hitler had some good ideas but went too far.

Heh, always wondered what those ideas could have possibly been.

Ha - Chelios picking the Black Hawks over the Habs and the Wings as a post-career thing. Sure, his time and impact in Chi-town was undeniable, obviously, but it was also (just as much, pretty much) with the other teams, too. I wonder if he really had to agonize and rack his brain/heart over where to settle.

Chara just broke the record for games played by a defenceman. Congratulations to him for that. I have to admit that I never thought he’d last this long. I always assumed that he’d have knee or ankle issues because of his height but he has been pretty darn durable.

All teams have tough weeks but Columbus having Toronto, Florida, Carolina and Pittsburgh in six days is brutal.

Wow Dominic Haesk goes bonzai on Ovi and Russians in general:

Unfortunately, even though Ovi wants nothing more than peace, he stll supports Putin. Not sure how much contortion is required for those somewhat disparate concepts.

Okay so I am going to finish out this month, or this year asking why we have to have a new thread every fucking month? We lose all season coherency so someone can create a new thread with 15 views every months? Why? there is no bonus for starting a thread.

I now make my final stand on a season long thread so thoughts can continue, by creating a season finishing thread, in hopes that we can all learn to do the season in a single , cohesive thread.