NHL February/March 2023

Figured I’d combine the two months seeing as February is almost over.

Ovechkin returns tonight but the Caps have settled into seller mode for the trade deadline. Probably the right move as I really can’t see some wild card team getting hot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. I don’t know if Boston will run away with the conference, but no wild card team is getting past all the juggernauts in the East, Tampa can get scorching hot any time and Leafs are backing up the truck. Carolina could also get stronger at the trade deadline.

Older teams, like the Caps and Pens, don’t seem to have a chance this year for a deep playoff run.

And it looks like the Caps have traded away Orlov and Hathaway to the Bruins, can only find one source as of now confirming this

And the Preds lose Ryan Johansen for the season.

Goalie goals are best goals.

That was great to see.

It figured that the Pens would kick ass the one day I was sick and couldn’t watch. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Well well well, looks like this won’t be a secret much longer:

Tampa Bay Lightning bench their first line today. The Lightning really have been sleepwalking, knowing that they have to wake up as the playoffs approach.

Not sure how I feel about adding Max Domi to the Stars’ lineup. And now there are two NHL goalies named Matt Murray. At least they’re not in the same division.

This Connor McDavid guy, he’s pretty good!

Florida Panthers 5 Montreal Canadiens 3, barely halfway through the first period.

Habs already did a goalie switch, swapping out Montembeault for Jake Allen.

Panthers have a backup with no NHL experience named Mack Guzda.

Boston Bruins 7- Buffalo Sabres 0. I’m definitely not a Bruins fan but this team is absolutely on fire now.

Mildly interesting that teams have 11 to 14 games remaining and only three teams have been mathematically eliminated.

Caps are going to have a presentation tomorrow (3/21) to recognize Ovechkin for passing Howe three months ago.

For 15 years my son and I have shared Caps season tickets. We decided to not renew for next season.

I do think the playoff picture is basically set although it will be interesting to see if Florida can catch the Islanders or Penguins for a wild card.
The Panthers are finally starting to fire on all cylinders, they’re up 2-0 over the Wings and it’s still the first period. But, the Panthers did dig themselves quite a hole so they’ve got to stay super hot and hope Pittsburgh or the Isles run out of gas

The Seattle Kraken have to use an emergency call up in net tonight against the Stars. How the Kraken are still so strong with the goaltending they’ve had is baffling, but the same could be said for other teams in the West. Vegas, for example.

Did Ovechkin’s stance on Putin and the war have anything to do with your not renewing? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, I’m not trying to turn this into a political thread or anything, just curious. Have you talked to other STHs about it and if so what is the general feeling among them about his position? Do you know anyone who has not renewed because of him?

Again, I’m not trying to turn this into a political discussion, I really don’t want to stray from the hockey context.

Decision to not renew was almost entirely cost.

Damn, no matter the outcome (and somehow I missed he was an emergency call up), that was a great game.