NHL: November 2015

What an awful choke job by the Blackhawks last night! Blues pulled Brian Elliott (for an injury?) but Corey Crawford also looked like the bad Corey. These are the losses that will really hurt come playoff seeding time.

Although my Wild have got off to a great start, the Central is going to be brutal. 6 of the 7 teams already have 15 or more points.

The bad Corey has showed up so far tonight as the Hawks are down 0-1

I have officially decided I love OT 3 on 3.Yeah it’s kinda not real hockey, but it vastly better than the shootout(and the Wings are set up for it)

I like it better than the 4 on 4, just because it seems to resolve games more often. And yeah, either are closer to a hockey game than a shootout is.

Clarification of rules question:
At 8:13 in the third period, two 2-minute penalties were assessed on the Caps Tom Wilson. At the same stoppage, a 2-minute penalty was assessed on the Leafs Nazem Kadri. Andre Burakovsky served the second of Wilson’s penalties. At 9:27, the Leafs score and Burakovsky left the penalty box. At the next stoppage after a two minutes had passed, Kadri left the box. At the next stoppage after four minutes had passed, Wilson leaves the box. I expected him to leave at the same time as Kadri. Play was 5-on-5 when Wilson was in the box. What rules did I miss?

Burakovsky had to be in the penalty box so that he could leave it when the power play ended to make it 5-on-5 again, but Wilson still needs to serve his full 4 minutes of penalties.


Have to hand a Manly Man Award to a former NHLer:

Was at a Lehigh Valley Phantoms v Binghamton Senators game last night which featured the return of former Phantoms thug Zack Sortini, who got his clock cleaned in a fight by one of the Phantoms enforcers 5 seconds into the game to the point Sortini had to be helped off the ice.
He got back out there and scored 2 goals to help Binghamton beat Lehigh Valley 4-1.


Saw the stars play their first real Central Div. rival in person on Sat., and I couldn’t be more heartened. Minnesota played their small battles really well, which I think they should be known for, and on that merit might have deserved to win. But the Stars eked out OT, and the 3-on-3 battle was great, with Dubnyk showing how good he is, and Lehtohen showing he’s no slouch, either.

But Klingberg has been my favorite defensman since he hit the ice, and he was the star of that game. That shot was crazy for a defensman to make (anything less, and Dubnyk would have stopped it). I think it shows that he started playing as a center. It’s almost like watching a bass player play guitar really well.

And, umm, Toronto: Whatever it is you have figured out, please keep it to yourselves.

I hate the coach’s challenge. I’ve always thought that having human officials means that you have to expect incorrect calls and that over time they will even out. That can hurt when a blown call costs a team a goal and the “even out” part is just an extra two minutes of power play in a game that isn’t close but that is what I consider to be part of the game.

Now the coach can challenge on a goal and not just on the goaltender interference or if the puck crossed the line. In the Caps-Flyers game, a goal was overturned because of an off-sides call that was initially missed. The offending player’s trailing foot was still behind the line but he’d lifted it and after a long time reviewing replays, the call was made. The problem is the amount of time it takes from the the game, the fact that now the same infractions have more weight in some situations and it went against the team I was for :smiley:

A goal scored on a PP when the penalty shouldn’t have been called is not subject to a challenge. Reviewing special cases gives those special cases a disproportionate effect on the game.

While I’m on a roll, I hate the delay of game for the puck over the glass. Not so much that the act shouldn’t be penalized but the fact that in the playoffs it becomes disproportionate. The refs tend to “put away the whistle” but the delay of game is not one that can be ignored. I don’t think delay of game should hurt a team more than slashing but in the playoffs it can happen.

The Pens are just so freaking depressing me right now. Not only are we not winning but we’re BORING.

I mean, we have Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin – this should not be happening. :frowning:

Is there a rational reason why pro hockey is the only major sport in which teams routinely hide exactly why their players are injured?

Is there an enormous advantage opponents gain by learning that someone has a knee sprain or hernia as opposed to “a lower body injury”? “Upper body injury” could be anything from TMJ syndrome to an infected armpit.

True, there are embarrassing injuries (like baseball’s Moises Alou falling off the treadmill). Apparently it is only the NHL that creates a big mystery about why players are on the injured list.


As long as we’re discussing rules, has it ever been proposed that penalties assessed under a certain time remaining in OT (like 1:30 or 1:00) should result in an automatic penalty shot? Seems to me it behooves a player to take a penalty in many circumstances if the resulting time in the box is less than a minute.

The Caps and Red Wings have played twice in Detroit, 8 days apart. The Red Wings won the first 1-0 and the Caps won the second 2-1 in overtime. Both were exciting games to watch with great goal tending. The NHL doesn’t need to tweak the game for more scoring. Do they really think that they will gain any significant increase in fans if a few more goals are scored? Maybe, but only if they tweak the rules until there is all-star game level of scoring. How many current fans would abandon that product?

Update: the Blue Jackets’ Fedor Tyutin is out indefinitely with an “upper body injury”.*

*translation: he has a broken nose.

Jackets are really hurting on defense with injuries to Tyutin and Goloubef. Actually the whole team has been whacked with injuries. Jared Boll plays his 500th game and is subsequently injured. Dubinsky is out indefinitely with some arm infection. Yet, an impressive 4-0 win against Nashville on Friday after a nice win Tuesday against the Blues. Hopefully they can scrape a team together to beat the Sharks this afternoon.

I’ve been waiting for the Hawks to get on a hot streak but it hasn’t happened yet. I was watching the scoreboard Saturday night when they tied it up in the 3rd with the Canucks and thought for sure they were going to pull out one of their patented comeback wins. Checked again 10 minutes later and the Canucks had downed them 6-3. Ouch!

My God, those are some ugly sweaters the Anaheim Ducks are wearing today. My God, the Hawks defense has fits of awfulness. They can’t be missing Johnny Oduya that much.

Brad Dubinsky slashes Sidney Crosby from behind in the back of the neck, and Columbus fans laugh. Stay classy. (Fortunately, Sid was all right). Dubinsky takes a two minute minor. Evgeni Malkin steps up to fight Dubinski when he gets out of the bin, Malkin gets a five minute major. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the league is biased towards the Pens.