Nice archive of American social hygiene posters.

For a happy married life, threaten your wife with knives

Oh, god. The message is about the importance of intact virginity before marriage, and specifically mentions that some states require a medical examination. That’s enough a “:eek:” right there, without choosing the image of a husband preparing to slice into piece of meat that wifey has just uncovered for him to illustrate it. What the hell?

Pierce that moist, succulent, untouched roast, daddy. Use a nice delicate sawing motion to expose the pink, tender flesh within. Mmmm… now spoon some horseradish on it. Oh yeah.

Oh. My. God. Those Something Awful parodies are fucking hilarious!

This one.

This one is my favorite. Finally, I can rest assured that my noctural seminal emissions are natural.

I also like this anti-prostitution poster–especially how it states that “a girl who would yield to one man has probably had relations with another. Very likely she is diseased.” A bit of an overgeneralization, I should think.

Further reassurance!

I think. :dubious:

This one is pretty cool

How about a portable version?

“Keep clean, it’s an old American custom.”

If you rub yourself down with a coarse towel for 4 minutes, you’ll get a pleasent reaction.

I’d hate to be one of the kids sitting down in case the ones standing up start emitting! :eek:

Uh, that picture on the left, captioned “Equipment everyone can afford.” That’s, uh, a guy bathing in a saucepan, isn’t it?

And the other one, “Equipment everyone can hope to use…” A communal shower?

Was it really so bleak in the 20s? Apparently. That is an education. :eek:

That brazen hussy. These good-time girls are a plague on our upstanding society.

Especially when it says to “cut it out.” :eek:

Holy shit!

Think about lemons, not about sex.

D’uur, ma sheets ahr sticky at night!

Okay, now, they had to be in on the joke for that one. That’s just too much.

I was laughing over this thread last night…

and today when wandering the mall I found a store that sells those! I nearly fell over right there in surprise. It was a cool coincidence though. I mentioned it to the lady who rang up my purchase and she was saying how people would get all offended at the tins and refused to believe they were actual posters lol