Nice archive of American social hygiene posters.

Let’s dig through it and find the fun ones.

I like this one. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the designer was trying to hint and an alternative…

This is good, too: *Is Your Mind Diseased?* Uh… maybe. :dubious:

Vaguely disturbing. (Puts me in the mind of Equimount, for some reason.)

I’m guessing a lambada is right out, then.

Could the Adam and Eve allusion be any more obvious?

Love the big pink phallic symbol!

Speaking of phallic…


These are just too fun!

Ooh! Found another one!

Cue the 1940’s hoochie-koochie music…

This is so bookmarked—thank you for bringing this to my fevered attention!

A most excellent place!

Some of them would make great t-shirts and posters.
Is your mind diseased. Yes, it is, thank you very much.

This one is going up on my cubicle wall to warn the Nice Young Girls in my office.

I love that the capsule description of this one is labeled, “Keep your mind occupied with goo…”

Well, I think we’ve got an explanation of the Sixties right here then. :slight_smile:

I like the sentiments in these ones:

Somewhere the girl who may become your wife is keeping pure. Will you take to her a life equally clean?

Treat every girl as you would like to have another man treat your sister girl friend or sweetheart.

Your mother has been unselfish and devoted to you. Will you be worthy of her? The chivalrous youth protects the honor of all women and girls.

Huh… I think we killed it, or the link was posted elsewere.
My favorite

autoriding, that’s a new word: (if you’ve been going through all the links already, this one was already posted, I just thought that the afore mentioned word was cool)

I have to point out that Something Awful did a nice little number on these posters.

I like #6. When at a track meet, please don’t begin masturbating in the starting blocks.

Here’s one of my favorites.

America as night-club singer. And check out the placement of the stars!

Oh wow! I have to print these!

mhendo, that’s hilarious. What a compelling argument:

“There’s no reason your wife or girlfriend need ever know if you contract syphilis-- but what about this highly-abstracted nationalist symbol? And hey, look! Boobies!”

Right next to this one?

Larry, you are a sick, sick man. Thanks for the link!

Right next to this one?

Larry, you are a sick, sick man. Thanks for the link!


And for all these years i’ve been thinking about baseball!