Nicholas Courtney (Doctor Who's Brigadier) has died.

Nicholas Courtney, actor, best known as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart from Doctor Who has died. We have lost a legend.


…I was hoping to see him with Matt Smith. Very sad.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: I’m finding it difficult to keep up with all of you these days, Doctor.
The Doctor: Some other time eh, Brigadier? Alas there’s no time for pleasantries. I must find my young friend.
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: We’ll speak soon, old chap. To all of you, I hope.

In other news, Nicholas Courtney surprisingly still alive as late as early 2011.

I recall Loaded magazine nominating the Brigadier for consideration for Greatest Living Englishman for the classic line “That man there! Five rounds rapid at the chap with the wings! Good show!”

Magnificent, really.

That is sad. Next to the Tardis and the Daleks, he was the one bit of continuity through the show, appearing with nine* of the first eight TV Doctors in one fashion or the other.

*I’m counting Richard Hurndale.

Did he ever appear with Colin Baker or Paul McGann? I don’t recall that.

No, he never appeared with Colin Baker. Paul McGann? Please!

I am completely bummed.

That’s a shame. I saw him at a convention a few years ago and he was a warm and funny man.

mourns Oh, that’s so sad. I was never fortunate enough to see him in person, but from everything I’ve heard, he was a wonderful person. And the five rounds rapid line was such a classic…

Damn. I was also hoping we’d one day see him in the new series (outside of the Sarah Jane Adventures).

Splendid fellow. All of him.

Although he did appear with Colin Baker’s Doctor in Dimensions In Time. They were specifically paired because they’d never appeared together during the original run of the show.

Lethbridge-Stewart was a great character. Actually, he was a perfectly trite character, but inserted into the mayhem of Doctor Who he was wonderful.

I believe he did in audio plays. Technically non-canonical but enjoyable nevertheless.

RIP Nicholas.

Ah, so sad… :frowning: I was very fond of the Brigadier.

During the Pertwee era, which I thoroughly enjoyed (thank you, Indianapolis PBS station WFYI!) in the 80s I looked forward to my weekly treat of Lethbridge-Stewart, my darling Sgt. Benton, and Mike Yates.

Bravo Zulu, Brigadier. You shall indeed be missed.

Was cause of death “chap with wings” or “five rounds rapid”?

He had a good innings.

I also must thank the Iowa Public Television for the many hours of Dr Who including the third Doctor and the Brigadier.

I was very sad to round out about this. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see him at a convention.

For the Chap with wings and a harp, 5 rounds rapid!

When I was a youngling and watched Doctor Who on South Carolina PBS, I was in love with Nicholas Courtney…Sad he is gone.:frowning:

Seconding this, though for me it was Yates who was ‘my darling’. (I don’t have good luck with TV crushes, alas!)

I also remember enjoying Courtney from his funny turn as (IIRC) a friendly but not-exactly-on-the-ball army executive in the Yes Prime Minister episode “A Diplomatic Incident.” “You’re from UNESCO? Ah yes, gallant little country!”

Very sad about his passing. :frowning:

Scubaqueen: Hussy, Benton was my darling!

Courtney played a wonderful character in a show I loved; thank you, sir, for all you’ve done to entertain millions.

Wench! I saw him first! :smiley: