Night Court

Remember that show?
I liked it.
What are the former cast members nowadays?

You bet! I still catch it in syndication sometimes on A&E. The cast members…well, Harry Anderson’s doing 1-800 commercials…Dan Larroquette is on The West Wing now…but as for Richard Moll, Markie Post, the one live female bailiff whose name escapes me, and the guy who played Mac…I don’t know.

I really enjoyed this show and still watch the reruns when I can catch it.

According to Richard Moll’s IMDb listing, he’s had a number of roles. What did surprise me was his age – he’s near 60.

Markie Post has appeared in a good number of films, too, including There’s Something About Mary. She had the series titled Odd Man Out on ABC’s Friday night lineup, and it wasn’t a smash success, to put it mildly.

Charles Robinson, better known as Mac, most recently appeared in a regular role as Tim’s boss on Home Improvement. Doesn’t look like he’s had much luck since then.

Harry Anderson is talented magician, and he has continued with that aspect of performing, including hosting magic specials. During his Night Court days, he wrote a book called Games You Can’t Lose. Good read!

John Larroquette starred in NBC’s The Tenth Kingdom, and delivered a great performance. He was funny and deep at the same time. As mentioned already, he now guests on The West Wing as Lionel Tribbey, who IIRC is the White House counsel.

Finally, Marsha Warfield, Night Court’s Roz, went on to play a regular character on Empty Nest, and her career seems to have stalled a bit since that.

All said, though, I really enjoy the show!

The ones who are still alive are still human. No big surprises yet.

I saw the guy who played Mac in line at the DMV about a year ago. Haven’t seen him since. Updates as they warrant.