Good Night (Court), Markie Post. (R.I.P.)

‘Markie passed on Saturday after battling cancer for nearly 4 years.’

So sorry to hear this.

Goodnight, Christine.

Aw, I loved her on that show. Good night Christine. With Charles Robinson recently passing away, that leave John Larroquette, Richard Moll, and Marsha Warfield of the regular cast remaining.

Awww, damn, that was one of my all-time favorite shows. Now both her and Harry Anderson are gone.

Somehow I missed the news about Charles Robinson, both Mac and Christine passing within a month of each other. :frowning:

I knew he died recently, but I either missed or forgot that Harry Anderson died.

Just saw her a few nights ago on Scrubs. She played Elliot’s Mom.

She was great on Night Court.

The shows revival will have Larroquette. But I thought I read Markie was going to do a few guest appearances.

I’m sorry she passed. Night Court was one of the great sitcoms. It had both humor and heart. Markie also guest starred in quite a few episodes of Chicago P. D.

She was also pretty good in “The Fall Guy” TV show in the mid-80s.

She had lots of roles on either the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime.

Depending on how you define “regular cast”, Ellen Foley, who was the public defender in season 2, is still around. (Paula Kelly, who played the public defender in season 1, passed away in Feb 2020.)

Harry’s death “hit” me a bit, for a celebrity death (most of which I don’t lose a lot of sleep over), I’d always liked Harry in Night Court, and I have family in New Orleans. He owned a magic shop down there that I visited a couple of times, he was hanging out in there one of those times and while I’ve never been a “get an autograph or photo with a celebrity” kind of guy, I did introduce myself and told him I had really liked his work. He was polite and personable, was a nice guy. Much taller in person than he always seemed in his roles on Cheers and Night Court, where he always looked diminutive, I’m 6’5" and he wasn’t much shorter than I am.

Harry was also only 5ish years older than me and had always seemed in good shape his whole life, so a sudden death from a heart attack at 65 just felt “too soon.” I had no clue Markie Post was ill but I’m actually surprised she was 70, I honestly assumed she was slightly younger than me, I guess she just looked a lot younger than I did back in the 80s.

I still hear his voice pop up occasionally on radio PSAs for the Will Rogers Institute.

That’s too bad.

Her dad was a physicist. I took a class in electromagnetism from him when I was in graduate school. Really nice guy. He died a while ago.

She is also a professional singer. She sang the duet with Meat Loaf on Paradise By the Dashboard Light on the Bat Out of Hell LP.

Wrong Public Defender. That was Ellen Foley.

Dang. The next cast reunion of Night Court is going to be sparse.

Ugh. Brutal.

Count me among all the other Night Court (and Markie Post) fans.


I’m confused. If you were replying to my post, I was quoting Shoeless’ post referring to Ellen Foley. She is indeed the Night Court actress who also sang with Meat Loaf.